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Delhi Sultanate Civilization Guide – Age Of Empires 4 Tips

Delhi Sultanate Civilization

Delhi Sultanate Civilization

The Delhi Sultanate was one of the most effective military civilizations in the Age of Empires 4. Known for its impressive war elephants and versatile infantry units, the Delhi Sultanate was a force to be reckoned with the terrifying amount on the battlefield. Moreover, the Delhi Sultanate civilization can research technology for free.

Delhi Sultanate Civilization Bonuses

  • Collecting from Berry Bushes is 25% faster but cannot be collected from Boar.
  • Scholar is available in Dark Ages (I).
  • All technology is free but completes at a much slower rate, Scholars accelerate the pace of research.
  • Infantry units of the Delhi Sultanate can build defenses.
  • Fishing ships equipped with Archers.

One of the most important civilization rewards for the Delhi Sultanate is free technology upgrades. The only thing that matters to this bonus is the length of the study. This extra waiting time can be reduced if you station scholars in these buildings while researching a technology. As the Delhi Sultanate civilization, you will want to continue your research into technologies and engage your Scholars accordingly.

A great tip to remember is that you can pause your research at any time by canceling. This method can be useful if you need to focus on developing more army units. When you want to go back to your study, you can click back on the technology and it will pick up where you left off.

The second notable civilization bonus is that your infantry units can build defenses. Thus allowing you to continue to let your villagers gather resources while your infantry builds fortifications around them. Furthermore, you can send your infantry to other locations on the map and set up defenses before your precious villagers get there. This technique is a great strategy, especially if you are going to destroy your opponent’s landmarks.

Unique Units

  • Scholar: While stationed inside the Mosque, the Scholar accelerates his time studying technology.
  • War Elephant: High health and damage unit with a powerful siege attack.

The Delhi Sultanate civilization has two unique units that strategically position this civilization for the protracted game siege. Scholar is an important unit because of its role in the study of new technologies. 

That said, they can also aid your military units by healing them and inspiring them. You’ll want some Scholars to support you throughout your game. Also, you’ll want to build more religious buildings that are completely garrisoned near the research buildings to speed up research time.

Elephant War is a military and siege unit. Towards the end of the game, you’ll want to assemble a herd of war elephants to wreak havoc on your enemies. They had no trouble tearing down walls and buildings. 

If you can support them with your ranged siege weapons and infantry, then you’ll kill your enemies. If violence is your choice, then choosing the Delhi Sultanate and their war elephants is what you want. Unfortunately, you don’t unlock war elephants until age three and better variants until age four.

Delhi Sultanate Civilization Throughout Ages

Age One

Start the game by building a factory near the berry and using your village to produce more villagers. Build more houses and lumberyards as soon as possible. Create a booming primitive economy and use infantry units to defend the area by having them build fortifications.

Age Two

Two landmarks that take you into the second age are the Tower of Victory and the Dome of Faith. Tower of Victory improves the attack speed of melee and ranged infantry when they are near landmarks. Dome of the Faith allows you to earn Scholars at 50% of the normal cost (150 gold to 75 gold).

For most levels, you should choose Dome of the Faith. The reason for this is because Scholars are integral to the Delhi Sultanate civilization. After you’ve built a milestone, keep building your economy. Also, start setting up bases in other areas of the map. The idea here is that these bases will help you invade your opponents in the end times.

Age Three

The landmarks required for the third age are the Complex of Guardians or the House of Learning. The main benefit of Compound of the Defenders is that it allows your infantry to build stone walls, gates, and towers. Moreover, it reduces the cost of those buildings by 25%. This milestone is a great way to keep your infantry busy and ease the workload on your villagers.

House of Learning has a bunch of unique techs for you to unlock. These technologies will power virtually every element of your civilization. Also, if you place a building near your mosques, the technologies studied there will unlock faster. Both landmarks have their strengths, in the long run, House of Learning could outperform the Compound of the Defenders. Either way, in this castle age, you want to prepare for war, build an army to destroy your enemies.

Age Four – Delhi Sultanate Civilization

A few landmarks that finally transport you into the imperial age are Hisar Academy and the Sultan’s Palace. If you choose Hisar Academy, you will automatically generate food based on the amount of technology you have unlocked. If you have been constantly researching technology, this can be a great choice as it will free up more of your villagers for other projects.

A better choice is usually the Sultan’s Palace as it automatically generates War Elephants in the Tower and can be boosted by your scholars. Then all you have to do is surround your opponent and bring down their empire.