July 30, 2021


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Detailed instructions on how to play and build of Spectre Dota 2



Dota 2 is a gathering place for heroes with good looks and great power. The skill system of these heroes can please you. Spectre Dota 2 is also one of those badass heroes.

Introduction of Spectre Dota 2


No word can describe the full power that Spectre has been carrying for me. If you are a jungle player or a Ganker who often turns lanes, then he is an interesting option. This hero has high movement speed and the appearance that a ghost escapes. His attack speed is in the middle range. His buffiness can ensure you can still step out of a large teamfight without “power outages”.

For longtime Dota 2 gamers, they like to build items to increase the attack speed and movement speed for him. Help this hero increasingly mobile in the game stages. He is also an interesting option for the Carry position with his unique power. Because of this diversity, he became one of the interesting rank heroes for the position of Jungle and Ganker.

Advantages, limitations on general parameters


If you want to master this hero, you must first know the strengths and weaknesses of his stat points. These points will form the following notes:

The weak health at the beginning of the game and the low armor makes Spectre quite struggling in many early game fights. Not only that, but this hero also had to suffer a lot of fighting, but not much damage. Dame his debut is quite low, so when going to the Gank position in the jungle, you will have to concentrate to avoid losing your life.

The amount of mana is too low compared to the mana consumed due to the attack provided. Therefore, you also need to have accurate calculations before launching any skills. Avoid losing your ability to fight because no mana to cast.

His stat points only give him a fairly basic movement speed and a fairly slow attack speed.

From the above analysis, it can be seen that he will be a card for mid-game or late-game rather than an early game. You should focus on farming to complete your set of clothes rather than trying to kill from the jungle or lane. Make sure your teammates have the maximum support. Just help yourself get a good position, contribute effectively to the team dame.

Spectre Dota 2 and key points about skills

The following will be a specific analysis of his increased maneuverability and when you should:

Spectral Dagger: This is his first skill damage. When launching this move he will throw a blade in the direction directed at the enemy or monster. This blade will deal damage to all enemies hit. The effect of this move is a black trail that follows every step of the enemy. He sped up while running on this black trail.

For this skill, you need to apply it the moment you spot an enemy. It helps him increase maneuverability in team fights. Especially the case of chasing down weak enemies, finishing off good opponents with him.

Desolate: This skill of our ghost will disperse all the enemies standing there. The amount of damage caused by this attack is very large and is considered to be very suitable for his attack style. Each of his basic attacks will deal bonus pure damage.

Therefore you should try to take advantage of this move by increasing his basic attack speed. Try to deal as much damage as possible in fights.

The haunting ultimate of this hero

Haunt is probably the most charismatic skill a Ganker can have. With this skill, you can easily approach enemy champions. Clones will be created from his corresponding to the number of remaining enemy champions.

These clones will target the enemy champion assigned by Spectre to deal damage. However, this champion’s ultimate skill is quite long, so you will have to think carefully before launching.