July 28, 2021


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Detailed Instructions On How To Play Monkey King Dota 2

Monkey King

Monkey King

Monkey King is often known as the familiar name Sun Wu Kong, this is a unique hero in Dota 2. How to play this hero is not difficult. This hero possesses an extremely flexible skill system, which can adapt to many different situations.

His skill system also reflects the hegemony in Dota 2.’s character-building style. If combined effectively, you are almost invisible on the map; Turn down the enemy and get points immediately.

Advantages to exploit in how to play Monkey King Dota 2

Monkey King

Monkey King is a brave warrior with the ability to hit a decisive very well. He mostly relies on physical damage to take down kills. The advantages that can be easily noticed from this hero include the following:

The ability to move extremely maneuverable, unpredictable, especially in solo fights at the beginning of the game.

In the early game, he is an extremely powerful warrior, he can take down the enemy heroes are rekindled intent to make the first screen fight.

Extremely long range of up to 300 units with attacks like Q and R. This will make him extremely dangerous despite being weak and being chased. He can turn around and cast Q to deal massive damage to enemy heroes.

An effective sneak attack with W uses his second skill to hide in the treetops, out of sight of enemies. After luring enemies into their range, he can unleash damage and gain kills.

Weakness should be overcome

Monkey King

Although quite a hegemony, this warrior still gives me a number of limitations in terms of strength as well as attack points, mentality, and agility that players need to pay attention to. The disadvantages include:

His armor index is a very difficult weakness to overcome. In exchange for his super offensive ability is a valuable armor index that helps this champion to gather in large fights.

Speaking of cons, the Monkey King can be counterattacked when using his W. By cutting down trees or the terrain where he is standing, you can stun this hero. The stun effect lasts quite a long time, so be careful when taking down heroes with good vision in Dota 2.

The construction of items for him is also very important when this Hero depends a lot on the attached items. Without the right skills to build items, it is very difficult for you to learn how to play this hero.

Because the early game power is quite good, the Late game is still strong, but Monkey King is hard to compare with many other heroes in Dota 2. This is understandable, because too bad, the Nerf in the next version.

The most suitable build of Monkey king

Like the other heroes in Dota 2, the Monkey King is also equipped with a unique set of items; make up the brand of this Hero. Includes the following items: Quelling Blade, an item that supports his W; Stout Shield, which helps reduce shock in the early stages; Tango, aiding healing in the process of soloing with other heroes, while waiting for teammates to rescue; Iron branch, this item can help you increase some points in the early stages, especially when building items for jungle and gank land.