July 30, 2021


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Details About The Power Of Bounty Hunter Dota 2

Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter

It’s difficult to find warriors like Bounty Hunter, who possesses many elements needed for an assassin. He is also a Ganker, a Carry, and a respectable Support in Dota 2. His close combat ability is unmatched. To get the position like today in the eyes of the player This champion has been heavily adapted to better match the quality of Dota 2’s game.

Advantages on skill design of Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter

Each hero will have its own advantages and disadvantages. If you want to play well Bounty Hunter, you need to grasp the following important factors:

Develop Shadow Walk at a suitable level to be able to destroy the go solo enemies. This skill maximizes his offensive ability against his enemies. He can also use this skill to Gank and counter Gank effectively. You should take full advantage of this skill when changing lane, making kill points for your team.

The track is a skill that helps him detect invisible enemies. If you are a smart player you should increase this skill when he is ready for hunting trips. The track also helps him to know what the enemy is doing and where.

Shuriken Toss will be a skill to help him deal wide area damage to the enemy team. This skill is also the main source of damage for him. You should use this skill in your pursuits. It has a better attack range than the remaining moves and the damage is among the highest.

The skill system of Bounty Hunter helps him to switch positions very well. If the team needs a strong Carry, he is always ready. But if the team is lacking a Ganker then he will be able to move into that position. This is really a diverse and flexible hero.

The big weakness of this hero

Bounty Hunter

If we talk about the weaknesses of this hero, we need to pay attention to the following points:

The run is quite useless, bearing the name of a Ganker but he has little chance of escaping death. Especially in the teamfight with the presence of good control heroes. You should keep your distance from champions with anti-stealth skills. If you get caught, come up with the board very quickly.

He can play Semi Support but the support is not high. Especially when he has a very short-range attack. His ability to poke and buff health is completely unavailable. Semi Support is just a temporary place, really not suitable for him.

This champion has absolutely no ability to help the team in team fights. Bounty Hunter is only really strong for the enemy champions. He will become extremely badass if he plays as a Ganker because of his power. In team fights, you should play outside and kill stray champions. Thanks to that, the number of enemy troops that your team must fight will be less. The advantage in team fights is more on your side.

Not possessing control skills is also a weakness of him. He can only hunt and hunt, he has absolutely no ability to hold back the enemy. In skirmishes without him, it is not possible to slow down the enemy. He could not buy time for allies to aid.

Summary of the number one predator Bounty Hunter

No one can match this hero in the ability to hunt down enemies and finish them off. If you are a wise player try to increase the maximum damage from his skills. Do not try to equip the items to help him escape. That was practically meaningless for a hunter.

Besides, you should also equip Bounty Hunter with effective combos in the teamfight. Can bring maximum damage to the enemy, quickly kill them instead of hiding.