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Details Of Valorant Gun And How To Use Them (part 2)

Valorant gun

Valorant gun

In the previous article, we have shown you types of pistol, SMG, and shotgun. In this part, we will provide you the rest in the Valorant gun list. Come to this article, you will know the other three types of weapons in Valorant.

Rifle – Valorant gun


Valorant gun

There is a firing similar to the Famas from CS: GO, and you should not shoot in the way of discharging bullets at a distance, but please Burst release multiple times, 2 -3 each time. The relatively high rate of fire, 24-round magazine, and medium penetration, Bulldog is a good choice for the tight budget stage.

Price: 2100 credits.


If you’re a fan of Headshot-style afar from afar, this is a good option. Because Guardian stands out at high Headshot ratios at medium to far distances but is unfavorable if fired at close range. Riot is equipped with only 12 rounds of ammunition, the ability to chisel the wall at a moderate level, you should consider carefully when you spend 2700 Credits to buy this Valorant gun.


This is the rifle model in “another level” if compared with Bulldog and Guardian. Because first, the price was 2900 Credit – much higher. Next is a faster rate of fire and more magazine – 30 rounds (a lot more advantage if you fight at close range). The ability to penetrate walls is average and if Headshot, it also takes 2 bullets to defeat the target.


By the price of Credit compared to the Phantom, Vandal had a slower rate of fire, fewer bullets (25 shots) but the accuracy proved to be superior to other rifles.

Sniper – Valorant gun


Valorant gun

Not unlike the Scout from CS: GO, it is a lightweight sniper gun, fast zoom, fast firing, strong damage to non-armor targets, possesses 5-round magazine with the ability to penetrate walls at an acceptable level.

Price: 1100 credit


Like chalk and cheese, when Riot places an Operator “monster” next to Marshal in the Sniper line. Everything is superior to Marshal (except for the rate of fire), whether or not the enemy has armor or not will matter to the Operator. Just one hit one kill.

Price: 4500 credits

Heavy machine gun


The heavy machine gun rifle is characterized by an extremely strong ability to penetrate walls, ample ammunition, and an “unstoppable” rate of fire. However, the accuracy rate was different, so using the Heavy Gun line required high skill and calm. If you choose Ares, it is best to sit when shooting or roll down your mouse to avoid the bull’s eye rising too high when moving. In Valorant gun, Ares has a 50-round magazine and extremely high penetration.

Price: 1600 credits.


Another war god was mentioned, that was Odin. This is the war god in Norse mythology. Odin magazine has up to 100 bullets, so the rate of fire and the ability to penetrate walls are much stronger compared to Ares. The way to shoot is no different, please apply the method of sitting and shooting, or move and pin the gun down.

Price: 3200 credits.