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Detroit: Become Human Guide – Some Tips For New Players

Detroit: Become Human

Before you start playing Detroit: Become human, we have a few things for you to consider first. These tips and tricks will tell you a few things you should know while playing and completing the story.

Explore Around – Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human

It’s good, when playing a game for the first time, to really take your time getting to know your surroundings. This helps if you are looking to do something specific or if you are trying to achieve a certain outcome in the events of the story. In pretty much every part throughout the game you will have the freedom to move around however you like and interact with other objects and characters.

The only time you can’t do this is if Detroit: Become Human gives you a timer on the HUD, in which case you’ll have to complete the tasks before the timer drops to 0.

Detroit: Become Human

By holding R2, you can use your Android vision to check your surroundings and highlight key points of interest for you to interact with. There’s some stuff out there that just looking at that won’t have any effect, but there’s a ton of items, people, and more to analyze.

This mechanic is available on all three characters no matter where you are in the story – with Android vision-enabled, everything stays still until you move again.

Making Critical Decisions

Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human is a game with an abundance of options and choices, with many varying outcomes from start to finish that have to be subjective to each player’s style. However, many of the most important choices made in the game can have bad consequences. 

At various points in the story, you’ll have to decide between successful collection actions and actions that prove fatal. All your choices affect both the progress and the final game finish. These decisions are irreversible, but the game is good enough to offer chapter-wide checkpoints should you ever want to go back and try again.

detroit 2

When these important choices come up, it’s important not to panic! You can pause the game at any time before making the decision if you really want to take a moment to think about what you’re going to do next – we say this because most options Select dialogue has a timer and if you don’t select anything, the game picks it up for you. However, some of the biggest decisions don’t have a timer, so relax, pause if you have to, and think through.

Moments in this story include choosing to help other characters, saying it’s the right thing to gain fame with them, or deciding who lives and dies – including the main character you play as.

But here’s the fun of playing a multiple choice game like Detroit: You can try all the different options to see what all the results are! You can go back and replay, or continue to see how things end.

Replay Chapters – Detroit: Become Human

detroit 5

Speaking of which: Replaying the chapter for all the different outcomes is important, especially if you want to complete the diagram for each individual chapter. Just because the level is over, it doesn’t mean you’ve done everything necessary to unlock all the buttons.

However, we still recommend that you worry about this during your first playthrough, as trying to complete a diagram before moving on to the next chapter can ruin your progress and change the story you have started creating.

Some chapters won’t require a replay to reach 100%, but some of the longer ones certainly will! You can access chapters at any time from the main menu screen and view diagrams to see the paths you’ve taken.

Read the Magazines

Detroit: Become Human

The only collectibles throughout the game are the magazines, which can be found in different chapters while you play. Some are indoor, some are outdoor, and sometimes they change depending on the choices you’ve made with each character. They provide additional insight into the world of Detroit: Become human in the form of newsletters and articles.

You can access the magazines at any time from the main menu by joining Extras and you will find that the game requires multiple plays to collect all 46 of them.