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LoL: Dignitas Neo led the 2021 LCS Spring with a 94 kills

Dignitas Neo

Dignitas Neo

Dignitas Neo enters the 2021 LCS Spring playoffs with the most total kills among all players in the league.

Dignitas Neo has shown exceptional skill during 2021 LCS

Dignitas Neo has shown exceptional skill during his first full split as a starting player in the LCS. Neo used to spend a lot of time in the Academy league, but he’s now been unleashed on the 2021 LCS stage with huge achievement.

Dignitas is the league’s only team without an official import. After winning several clutch games throughout the season, Neo and Dignitas have qualified for the Mid Season Showdown as the fifth seed, exceeding all expectations. 

Dignitas Neo, who has been a killing machine for the past six weeks, has been a key factor. Dignitas finished the regular season with a big comeback against FlyQuest, in which Neo was once again stable late in the game.

Neo has a total of 94 kills in the 18 games he has played after six weeks of outstanding play. That’s more than five kills per game, which is a good average for a young player in the 2021 LCS. With 94 total kills, he leads the leaderboard for most total kills in the split, with 100 Thieves bot laner Ian “FBI” Huang coming in second with 92 total kills.

This split, the kill leaderboard is dominated by bot laners, owing to marksmen’s current dominance in competitive play. In fact, seven of the top ten players are bot laners. It’s no surprise that the bot laners are racking up the kills, but this split has been extraordinary. 

Three pentakills occurred in the span of three days during week 5 of the regular split. One of the pentakills belonged to Neo, who had a fantastic game on Kai’Sa, finishing with 14 kills. In the following game, Neo broke the record by killing Kalista 17 times against Evil Geniuses.

Who is Neo in League of Legends?

Neo, formerly known as Asta, is a professional League of Legends bot laner. Neo has been a member of several LCS organizations and has been playing in the North American scene since 2018. 

His first major organization was OpTic Gaming, where he played for the Academy and a couple of games for the LCS squad during the 2018 season. Neo has since represented Immortals Academy and Dignitas Academy before being accepted to the Dignitas LCS roster in December 2020.