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Dirt Rally Guide – Tips To Help Newbies Survive The Game

Dirt Rally

Dirt Rally

Dirt Rally is a punishing, full stop game. Where many rally racing games lean towards the arcade gameplay style, Opts dirt race for a heavier experience. Fans of racing games may be interested in putting the pedals into the metal to slide and drift around the meticulously designed racing stages in this game, however, there is a learning curve ramp-up to argue.

Classic And Iconic Rally Cars – Dirt Rally

The game has an iconic, classic, and even more, boat to try. Luckily, cars are often judged by the type of surface, they’ll drive from tarmac to gravel to dirt, and the like. Boasting over 40 cars in this real world, there’s a good chance there’s one for you. To be expected from a simulated heavy racing game, the handling of each vehicle will need to be mastered to truly enjoy the game.

If you are into the classic days of Rally Racing, there are sure to be cars that will stand out to you. However, if you are a fan of modern car racing, then you do not lose. Cars come from all different racing time frames so have one for you from Get-Go.

Challenges Galore

In addition to the traditional races and events, the game also offers a large variety of different challenges, depending on your preferences. You can complete daily, weekly and monthly challenges against other members of the Dirt Rally community. These challenges will push you out of your comfort zone and can change your racing style if you hit a track.

You certainly don’t want to forget these challenges because they not only mix up the gameplay but also give you credits to use to upgrade your vehicles and team. Upgrades are a major component of gradually getting better at the game, and challenges are a great way to drive those upgrades.

The Track Layouts – Dirt Rally

Since the game is a simulation-heavy racing game, learning specific track and stage layouts is vitally important to your success, especially if you plan on taking on championships. One of the best ways to succeed in this game is to take a slow and steady approach. Although you may want to simply blast through each track to get good timing, to do so would be a fatal error.

The tracks in this game are hard to navigate, filled with enough angles, jumps, and Chicanes to keep you on your toes at all times. The first few times on the track should be about learning its complexities and nuances. Finally, once you’re comfortable with each part of the track, you’re free to zoom in on it to have a great time.

Manage Team

One of the more interesting game aspects to dirty rally that you should know about early is that you can manage your own team. Managing your team often includes hiring and firing specific crew members which can affect stats, tuning skills, and other capabilities like repair time. The team management part of Dirt Rally almost feels like a mini RPG experience, and it offers not only game tweaks, but can completely change the race.

The team management aspect may be something you want a glossy finish on but to do so means missing out on a fun and unique feature that the game offers to enhance your experience.