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Disco Elysium Guide – Useful Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium is a beautiful RPG, brilliantly written. That said, it can be confusing, to begin with, and not just because you’re an amnesiac cop. Instead of fighting, many of your challenges come in the form of pass or fail ‘checks’, the dice rolls are influenced by a range of factors from your attributes to your relationship with that person and what you found. You will also need to use your noggin to save cases and keep track of secrets. Read our helpful beginner’s guide to prepare yourself with a bunch of tips to get started.

Hold Tab While Walking

Disco Elysium

There are many secrets to find in the world of Disco Elysium. While some of them are clearly marked by default with orbs or outlines, some objects like coins and discarded bottles lying around are highlighted only when you hold down the TAB button. Get in the habit of holding this as you walk around to make sure you find every last item.

How To Get Money – Disco Elysium

On your first day, the manager at your hotel tells you that you need to pay for damages and unpaid rent that you accumulated over the weekend. That’s quite a lot of money, and most of the small cash reserves you can earn include only a few cents.

So how do you get enough money to pay the Garte back and stay at the hotel? You need to talk to Joyce at the pier to the northwest of the starting area. She is standing on a boat. This well-to-do woman can sponsor you if you just ask – pay up front and say you need the money, then when she says how much say “130 real”. Surprisingly she will be more than willing to help, although she may want to be reciprocated…

Go Off On Tangents

Disco Elysium is a long game, with most of your time spent conversing with the strange and wonderful inhabitants of Revachol. While you may be tempted to get to the point and ask them directly what you want from them, digging down the pre-existing dialogue pits can yield good results.

Disco Elysium

Not only do they offer some entertaining and sometimes bizarre themes, but they can also offer some more practical bonuses. Learn something new and you can be rewarded with 5XP. You may discover a new side quest. Or you can get information that helps with the current quest or gives you a probabilistic reward for a check.

Wait To Use Skill Points – Disco Elysium

With every level up, you get one skill point. These have two uses: allowing you to unlock a new thought in your ‘Thought Cabinet’ or increasing an attribute on your personality sheet. If you want to try a new mindset, go ahead – these are largely unpredictable and can yield interesting results. But for attribute increment, you can wait until a specific attribute is needed.

Disco Elysium

When you enter a conversation with a white check mark (retry possible) based on that particular skill, you have two choices. You can level up instantly using your banked skill points (and equip associated gear) or try at a lower level, then add attribute points if you fail – a promotion grant will open all tests of that type for retry. If the check is white and already has good odds, it might be worth a shot as long as you’re prepared to lose some of your health or morale due to failure. For red checks, you should level up first because you only have one shot.