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Dishonored 2 Guide – Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Dishonored 2

If this is your first Dishonored 2 game, it’s really worth it to play the quick tutorial available from the start menu, which will teach you controls, chaining, and the basics version of stealth and combat.

Don’t give up to early

Like the first Dishonored, Dishonored 2 doesn’t give you your signature power until you’ve fully completed the first mission. This is a bit annoying as it means you can spend an hour or more exploring and learning without ever seeing the real game and its potential.

Dishonored 2

So here’s my advice: don’t worry too much about the first mission in Dunwall. Just bring it over. Get off the tower, get off the ship and get your first ability. That initial quest is a good way to learn the basics of its line-based stealth, but if you’re not having fun, you should get to the better part ASAP so you have a reason. for preoccupation.

You can actually choose to play the entire game without permission if you want, which is a completely different experience for the veterans. Really, it’s like night and day: the game is two completely different games. Okay, it’s four, because you can play as Emily or Corvo. Do those eight things, with the Chaos low and high variations.

Chaos, Ghosting – Dishonored 2

Yes, we know you want a perfect rating at the end of the level, but seriously – save that for a second playthrough, if at all. Once you really know the level layout, understand stealth and AI, and have a bunch of powers, you’ll find yourself able to go for hours without alerting the guards. However, when to start? Don’t worry about it. It’s okay to get caught a bunch of times.

Treat those end-of-mission screens as information rather than judgment: they show you your playstyle rather than tell you whether you’ve succeeded or not. If you want to be really good at combat and confront all your enemies, go for it! There are a lot of tools and skills in this game that really shines in that context.

Master the lean – Dishonored 2

Even if you’re going to kill everyone in head-to-head combat, there will be times when you don’t want to be seen – perhaps you’re scouting the area to see how many and types of enemies are around, or maybe you are setting a nasty trap for nerds and chuckles. To do that, you need to understand how its stealth works.

Dishonored 2

It’s all line of sight, basically. If you’re in stealth mode (crouching), and there’s an object between you and a guard, you’re fine. You make no noise in stealth mode, and if you can’t see the guard’s eyes, the guard won’t be able to see you.

But – and here’s a good point – if you can’t see the guard’s eyes, and then you lean (triangle/Y and left stick) until you can, the guard still I can not see you. Lying on your side does not count as moving out of hiding. You can get a really good view of your surroundings this way, risk-free – as long as no one is spying on you.

Let mana regen

Dishonored 2

Your health and mana usually don’t regenerate in Dishonored 2 and recovery items are limited. Most likely end up in a world full of trouble, have used up a level’s consumables, and have nothing to continue.

Avoid this situation by using your resources, including your energy. You will notice that after you cast Blink or Far Reach, once the mana bar is refilled as long as you don’t use another mana for a few seconds. This is a really important way to make sure you can use these powers an unlimited number of times – as long as you don’t spam them.