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Dishonored 2 Guide – Tips You Should Know Before Started

Dishonored 2

Dishonored 2 is here, you have trouble figuring out what all the fuss is about. Can’t tell your folding sword from your fundamentals. Our tips will soon let you down and yon, the deadliest thing they’ve ever seen. If this is your first Dishonored game, it’s really worth it to play the quick tutorial available from the start menu, which will teach you how to controls, chaining, and the basics version of stealth and combat.

Chaos, Ghosting, or pure stealth – Dishonored 2

Dishonored 2

Yes, we know you want a perfect rating at the end of a level, but seriously – save that for a second playthrough, if at all. Once you really know the level layout, understand stealth and AI, and have a bunch of powers, you’ll find yourself able to go for hours without alerting the guards. However, when to start? Don’t worry about it. It’s okay to get caught a bunch of times.

Treat those end-of-mission screens as information rather than judgment: they show you your playstyle rather than tell you whether you’ve succeeded or not. If you want to get better at combat and confront all your enemies, go for it! There are many tools and skills that really shines in that context. It’s a sandbox. Play in it. So don’t get discouraged if you’re struggling with stealth, and don’t think you’re playing Dishonored 2 in a bad or wrong way.

Master the lean

Even if you’re going to kill everyone in head-to-head combat, there will be times when you don’t want to be seen – perhaps you’re scouting the area to see how many types of enemies are around, or maybe you are setting a trap for nerds and chuckles. To do that, you need to understand how Dishonored 2‘s stealth works.

It’s all line of sight, basically. If you’re in stealth mode (crouching), and there’s an object between you and a guard, you’re fine. You make no noise in stealth mode, and if you can’t see the guard’s eyes, the guard won’t be able to see you.

But if you can’t see the guard’s eyes, and then you lean until you can, the guard still can not see you. Lying on your side does not consider as moving out of hiding, you can get a really good view of your surroundings, risk-free – as long as no one is spying on you.

Use Dark Vision

Dishonored 2

When you first step into a new area, Dishonored 2 can feel like a game of trial and error. No matter how carefully you listen and look through the keyholes, there is always an unexpected enemy somewhere. Do you reload your save and try again, or put the guards on alert for the rest of the quest…?

No: you use Dark Vision to avoid the whole problem. Unlockable early in the second mission, Dark Vision gives you a limited form of heat sensitivity, allowing you to detect defenders through walls and doors. It’s cheap to unlock, it’s a free power-up (that is, it doesn’t consume energy if you’re careful – see slide first), and it can be upgraded in ways that make it more useful.

Note that Dark Vision tends not to work through many exterior walls; often you will need to go inside a structure to spot bad spots than go see all the x-ray specs from the opposite rooftop.

Tidy up – Dishonored 2

Dishonored 2

Unless you’re aiming for the full High Chaos ferocious warrior style (which is fun), dispose of your corpses, whether they’re unconscious or dead. Don’t assume it’s okay just because there are no other guards in that room; If someone wanders off for any reason, bad things can affect fans.

Dispose of corpses in trash cans and receptacles. Tuck them behind screens and bushes, put them in previously locked rooms, carry them under a low table, Make a lovely pile behind a couch.

Check all your fallen enemies for loot; It’s not common, but ten coins are ten coins and it’s not allowed to sneeze in.