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Dishonored Guide – Some Tips And Tricks For Beginners


Players can take a variety of paths through Dishonored, but some options are better than others. Before you join Corvo on his quest for revenge, these rogue-free tips can help you focus your efforts and make the most of your time in the city of Dunwall.

Spend the first rune on Dark Vision – Dishonored


As soon as Corvo learns of his first magical power, Blink, he acquires a rune that can be used for a new ability. Your options are limited; can only buy a few powerups for a single rune, but Dark Vision is the way to go. For all the benefits that power gives you – like seeing enemies and cones of their vision through walls – the cost of a single rune is very low, you can always get that extra health boost from Vitality later.

The heart – Dishonored

Hearts help you find hidden talismans and bone runes around the world. It’s not just collectible jewelry; they are two of the main ways you increase your Corvo’s power and abilities. That means you should use it every time you enter a new area for a treasure hunt. Also, don’t forget to use a heart each time you visit Hound Pits Pub; although the area is the same, new runes and enchantments become accessible as the game progresses.

Save pure stealth

If you want to try a no-kill approach to Dishonored, we recommend saving that experience for a second run. The stealth mechanic isn’t the game’s strongest suit, and reloading every time you accidentally lose your guard becomes tedious. 

Plus, playing without damage greatly limits your options, because not all of Corvo’s awesome abilities and weapons are without a killer opponent. Your bag of tricks is just getting smaller and it’s more interesting to see all the possibilities at a bloodier level before limiting yourself.

Use everything needed


Stocking up on coils, sleeping darts, and potions seems like a good idea. After all, you will never know when you might need them. Dishonored gives you so many options for dealing with encounters that you’ll never be in a situation where you need a specific item to progress. The most fun way to play is to use all your weapons and gadgets when the mood is high. 

If you run out of ammo, switch to crossbow shooting. If you run out of that number, throw a grenade. Even if all your resources are exhausted, you always have your sword to help “solve” (i.e. “kill”) problems. Don’t be afraid to use your full arsenal, as you can always pay to replenish your inventory between quests at the tavern.

Read the notes – Dishonored


Books, notes, and letters are all over Dunwall. Don’t just ignore them; even some of the most trifling texts (like a book of whaling songs) add depth to the fascinating cosmic fiction that Arkane Studios has created. The world is fascinating and reading the notes scattered around will give you a clearer picture of the people of Dunwall, their struggles, and how the city works.