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Division 2 Guide – Important Tips For You Before Launch

Division 2 2

With Division 2 now on us, we’ve woken up a crack lineup of sleeping agents to get you up to speed. Like the well-trained units of Ubisoft’s cooperative tactical shooter who are fighting to protect what’s left of Washington DC after the devastating virus drive, we’re here to protect. you as you take your first step into the battle to ravage the United States Capital.

New Enemy Factions – Division 2

Division 2 2

There are four factions and each faction views a different combat challenge. The sons were actually a group of paramilitary lords who used tried and tested weapons and tactics, making for a familiar enemy. Hyenas, meanwhile, are more of a ragtag bunch. What this loosely organized Scavengers gang fights with them looks like: dirty. They will charge you with melee weapons and attack from all angles.

Outcasts, meanwhile, are religiously minded who want to clean up society with fire hunters and suicide bombers, unlike the first game cleaners. However, your biggest threat is the Black Tusk. These well-equipped enemies start popping up once you hit level 30, and come with robot dogs and machine gun-packed quads. The four factions in Division 2 will keep you on your toes and test your tactical adaptability on the fly.

New Skills

There are several skills in Division 2 that you can deploy to help turn the Tide of Battle, such as the Seeker mine returning from the first game. This handy orb locks onto enemies before crawling along the floor and then exploding in the face. However, if you’re looking for a new toy, there’s the Drone Assault, which you control remotely, fires at enemies at range.

The aforementioned chemistry launcher, meanwhile, can be loaded with flammable gas, riot foam, corrosive chemicals, and a cloud of armor washing powder. Finally, there’s the Hive Hive, which sends out a flurry of small drones to harass enemies, inflicting horribly painful pain on them. When teaming up, try to pick allies with different skills for you, so you can have a full complement of waspy, corrode, foam fun.

The Thieves Den – Division 2

Division 2

If going rogue and shooting down other players isn’t your idea of ​​a good time, then you should investigate the thief Den. This is a non-violent approach to going rogue and offers some decent rewards in exchange for a bit of breaking and stepping in.

Hacking the SHD terminals (belonging to your former employer, your strategic home department) and forcing you into lockboxes gives you data that helps triangulate Den’s position. Follow the trail and collect limited-time targets and you’ll find yourself at the thief Den, where the merchant inside will happily sell high-quality loot. 

These goods are not as desirable as those offered by the Dark Zone Manhunt, sure, but as they say: lower risk, lower reward. You will also instantly lose your rogue status when you step back outside the door. The only way anyone will ever know you’re a thief is if you go pinch it, so try and keep Schtum.

The Dark Zones


Dark Zones are lawless sealed areas of Washington D.C. contains high-level loot and some of the game’s scariest enemies. But these villains aren’t the only enemies you’ll have to worry about; In a dark area, other players can also hunt and kill you. This PVPVE mode was the standout feature of the first game, and Division 2 is doubling – no, no, tripling – down on concept with three new dark areas: DZ South near the fisherman’s wharf, DZ East Wear Station Union, and DZ West in Georgetown.

Your goal when exploring a dark area is to discover high-level loot. Unfortunately, all of this gear is contaminated, so you need to extract it by signaling a chopper that can take your new treasures to be disinfected. There is also clean loot that you can pick up and use immediately, of course, but the best ones will require a heroic exploit.

Each dark zone holds up to 12 players, and everyone stands by standardization of equipment. This assigns a different set of stats to every weapon and armor when you enter the dark, so a beginner will always stand a chance against someone who has sunk hundreds of hours into a match.