Game CMD 368

Guilty Gear XRD REV 2: Dizzy Special Moves, Instant Kill



Dual attack of Dizzy combined with her spatial control through long-range basic spells and active summons, used by Necro and Undine. Her summoning command also allows her to play the special okizeme / setplay game. Her rewarding throws combined with the safety of her fish armor, her initial fast rush speed, and the planned pressure void made her an extraordinary “Grappler”. She also has access to high/low combinations, crossovers, frame traps, and blur settings.

Dizzy Playstyle


She is a highly mobile character, using common stats and countless summons to control space and run the okizeme flexibly and safely.

Special Moves

  • I used this to catch fish: Ice pillars/ice pike. Her fastest specials. Her most iconic move is used to finish corner combos or throw-in.
  • For searing cod…: Fire pillars. Delay but do more harm and less minus on the block version of the 236S.
  • I used this to pick fruit: Ice spear/dagger attacks with a tracking number, commonly used in combos and some okizeme sequences.
  • For roasting chestnuts…: Fire spear/dagger, stronger and more hit variant of the 421S.
  • We talked a lot together: All versions of the fish (214P / K / S / H / D) will absorb a Dizzy attack, similar to armor. Both P and K fish leave a space between hits that can be used to mark throws or frame traps.
  • We fought a lot together: The S fish floats forward before moving upwards and shoot the laser across the screen.
  • For putting out the light…: The upward archery ice scythe attack where the hitbox goes further than 236K, is used to control the airspace and pop-up bubbles while performing certain partition patterns.
  • The light was so small in the beginning: The 236P multi-hit version is slower but more damage, note that all hits are level 0 so it does very little hit or block after the last hit.
  • Please, leave me alone: Bubbles are one of her most iconic, powerful, and versatile special moves.
  • What happens when I’m TOO alone: Fire bubbles can be thought of as the more objectionable version of a bubble in most situations. It moves faster across the screen and also turns on later after being hit.

Dizzy Instant Kill

Emotional Gamma Ray

Use 5D word animation. Necro starts to launch a Gamma Ray, but Dizzy deflects it from the opponent, causing a large explosion in the background. Seeing the explosion, her opponent surrendered.

Completely invincible from 22F ~ 40F for Red Instant Kill and [10F ~ 28F] for Gold Instant Kill.

She has a variety of ways to validate a Golden Instant Kill. 5D6> IK is probably the most popular and easy choice. The bubble pops, fire spears, Ice Spike YRC / RRC, tap blitz, full blitz attack, and more are also possible although it can confirm specific situations and settings are required.

At 100 meters, a lot of combos could be RRC’d and then IK’d. Her IK is rated as good compared to many co-stars thanks to its huge hitbox, range, and active frame. Her gold IK boots in the slow 10f preflash but the 5f postflash is tied to the fastest speed in the game. The result is a faster total set of Gold IKs at the top, making it easier for you to combine.

Dizzy sometimes has optimal uses for Gold IK, such as to kill someone in a combo that would otherwise not be killed due to the combo’s ratio and liver or to finish off someone with little input. than. Other times, it’s simply to be stylish.