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Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3: Doctor Doom Moves, Strategy Guide


Doctor Doom

Lifelong enemies of the Fantastic Four and several Marvel teams such as the X-Men and the Avengers, Victor Von Doom (a.k.a Doctor Doom) excels at using magic and a technician. Doom is also the current ruler of the European nation of Latveria. When he was a child, her mother was killed by a demon named Mephisto while his father, a Latverian doctor, was unable to cure the Queen of the nation and was eventually killed in the forest escape.

Doctor Doom Gameplay

Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom is considered by many to be one of the best characters and can perform long combos and deal massive damage. However, he excelled as a placeholder and zoning character with different projectiles to control the space between him and his opponent. His regular stats are easy to use as well, and his special attacks and sparks are also some of the best in the game. However, he is absent from the DHC department because almost all of his super moves are awkward being canceled.

Special Moves

Hard Kick

Doctor Doom performs an upward kick and replaces his normal launch pad.

Foot Dive

Similar to Doom’s special button move but at a slightly different angle

Hidden Missiles

Probably one of Doom’s best moves when he was called as support. He summons several rockets to attack his opponent. This move could also be used to launch more missiles and could hit OTG

Plasma Beam

Doom shoots a vertical golden laser beam from his hand, damaging enemies. This can also be done in the air and shot down and can also hit OTG

Molecular Shield

Doom summons a series of rocks around him before it hits the opponent. The strength of the button used determines the number of times it hits an opponent

Photon Shot

Doctor Doom shoots a burst of energy from his fingers, covering most of the screen. This move is also available in the air, but can only be fired once


Doom enters flight mode with the aid of jet boosters from his metal armor

Doctor Doom Hyper Combos

Doctor Doom

Photon Array

Doom’s super move version of Photon Shot. Doom shoots bigger and more powerful jets of energy from his finger. This move can also be done in and over OTG. This super’s maximum damage changes depending on the opponent’s pressure level.

Sphere Flame

Doctor Doom generates spherical energy with both hands and then shoots it upward. Your opponent must be close to Doom for it to do more damage. If the ball doesn’t hit his opponent upwards, the ball will split into multiple downward energy strands. This move is best combined with the special move of Molecular Shield.

Doom Time

Doom’s super combo does the biggest damage and has some invincibility to launch. He summons a cylinder to cover his opponent. He then sat around in his robotic chair as he watched his opponent get electrified before the tube exploded. This move can also be concealed for more hits and deals 440,000-479,000 non-scale damage.