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Dodgeball Academia – How To Win The Underground Tournament

Dodgeball Academia

The underground tournament is one of the real tournaments in Dodgeball Academia. Yes, the rest of the school may be raving about the major championship as part of the main story, but anyone who can beat the Underground Tournament will be up to that challenge without breaking a sweat.

Ideal Equipment – Dodgeball Academia

Dodgeball Academia

Not all devices in the game are created equal. Some items will really affect a player’s chances of being at the top. Players using lifesteal items will be disappointed to find that their opponents are pretty good at disabling the healing effect.

Thankfully, the First Aid Kit will heal the player for 75% of their maximum health between each round. Since there is no chance to eat between fights, this item is almost a must-have. There is some space on the second item, but starting the match with a 55% full Balltim meter is a convenient advantage.

Best Teammates To Use

  • Otto
  • Shoy

In Dodgeball Academia, to beat this match, it will use the main damage dealer to pump out the numbers needed to win. All teammates have some value, but support characters are not cut out to survive the attack or attack with the ferocity and speed required. Since only one member participated in the battle, there were also no supporting teammates.

Otto and Shoy both do great damage and have the mobility to survive. Plus, Balltim moves hit groups of enemies, which is useful for thinning out ranks. Their counterattacks also catch the ball instead of returning it, which is why Mira and Suneko can be disqualified.

Buying From Big Tony

Dodgeball Academia

Big Tony oversees the battles in Dodgeball Academia, but that’s not the best part about him. After raising enough money, the player can buy from him and receive consumables that permanently increase the character’s stats: experience, health, strength, agility, and technique.

Even if a player doesn’t win the Underground Tournament the first few times, they can still purchase at least one or two items that permanently increase these attributes. Slowly, after fighting, losing, and getting stronger with Big Tony, losing will turn to win.

Don’t Dodge – Dodgeball Academia

The game is difficult enough when the balls come to the player from one side. When they open fire from all sides, the match can turn into a disaster. This will not happen unless the players dodge a shot instead of counter-attacking and catching the ball.

You’re better off messing around and grabbing a ball to chop than letting a ball pass. This has an effect on the likelihood of a match being finished by an opponent in the knockouts that stuns players at the worst times, forcing them to take a series of shots. All it takes is one such hit to end the game.

Balltimate – Dodgeball Academia

Dodgeball Academia

Sometimes it’s tempting to take out one-on-one opponents. Indeed, it seems that the way the game is structured like the opponent type often results in a stoppage of play, the disqualified opponent being moved to the knockouts, and then the game continues.

However, this mechanic has a bit of a glitch (in favor of the player) when it comes to taking down two or more opponents at once. One opponent will be moved into the knockouts, but the rest sit out the rest of the match as non-participants.