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Doom Eternal: Ready To Present A Lot Of New Content For Next Year!

Doom Eternal

The legendary franchise of all time as well as the originator of the FPS genre has never disappointed us fans. After the great success of her newest game, Doom Eternal! Bethesda is again ready to surprise us. After showing its maximum capabilities on various platforms, Doom Eternal doesn’t want to be left behind in the game industry. This is because Doom Eternal is officially ready to present a lot of new content in 2021.

Doom Eternal

Having won 5 nominations at the 2020 The Game Awards Event , The game developer apparently did not want to be proud right away. In fact, ID Software is not satisfied with this game control. They mentioned that as they get ideas for their next project, it will bring a lot of content to the game. Of course this is great news for you fans of the Doom game, because this game will continue to live in the future.

We get this information through one of Doom ‘s Twitter Social Media tweets . They clearly stated that this game will not stop until this year. They promise to provide new content consistently until the end of 2021. Not only that, they have also inaugurated their second DLC which is ready for release next year. The DLC will continue the story of the expansion of The Ancient Gods – Part One.

The Ancient Gods

In the first DLC series, The Ancient Gods has a lot of content in it. The content, of course, brings new Monsters, new areas, and new weapons. Not only that, apparently, they also provide a new story that is no less tense than the original game story. Even so, we still don’t know if we will be able to play this game on the Next-Gen Console with the 60FPS Ray-Tracing feature. Even though this game had run optimally on PC.

Doom Eternal

ID Software Ready to Bring New Multiplayer Mode – Doom Eternal

Furthermore, they also promise the latest mode with the name “Invasion”. Reportedly this mode will focus on Multiplayer as they promised previously, namely Battle Mode Mode. But these two modes are still in the development stage of the Developer so that they can run as we want. Of course, this mode brings us back to the game Quake Champions nostalgia. 

For those of you who are interested in the Doom Eternal game , you can play this game on the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia platforms. For those of you PC players, you can buy this game via the Steam digital platform.

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