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Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3: Dormammu Moves, Strategy Guide



The eternal enemy of the current Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange, Dormammu is the ruler of the Dark Space. He was a member of the Faltine, a race of creatures completely enveloped in pure magical energy. He was first mentioned by the original disciple of the Sorcerer Supreme Baron Mordo, who was controlled by the Dread Lord. Mordo was then stopped by Strange, who was trying to undermine the original Sorcerer Supreme.

Many times he wants to conquer the Earth, but he is always prevented by Doctor Strange and some other Marvel superheroes.

Dormammu Gameplay


Despite his heavy legs and lack of mobility, Dormammu is a force with unimaginable localization and avoidance. His Power Spells especially the Creator’s Power and the Destroyer Power allow him to make some moves that are especially good for zoning and inside combos.

His command rules are also quite helpful and can also create space between him and his opponent. He can also do a lot of damage to his opponent as he is also a damper. His Chaotic Flame is also one of the fastest at boot up and can be combined quite easily after Purification Tower.

Special Moves

Dark Matter

Dormammu fires off a projectile that unleashes a wall on his opponent. This move can now be canceled allowing for many different combination opportunities

Flame Carpet

He creates a fiery carpet on the ground and also hits OTG. This is one of his basic zoning moves. Unlike in Vanilla, Flame Carpet will now disappear if he is hit

Dark Hole

He creates a black hole on the screen and hits the opponent several times. The strength of the button used determines the position of the black hole with the heavy almost extending fullscreen


He calls for a supreme column of energy beyond the ceiling. Like the Dark Hole, the strength of the button is used to locate the pillar with the weight extending further across the screen. Since this attack attacks OTG, this could cause him to cancel the move on his super Chaotic Fire.

Mass Change

His teleport. His position is determined by the strength of the button used. The Light button puts him in front of his opponent. The medium button puts him air behind and above the opponent when the heavy button is used


He enters the flight mode using his dark magic

Dark Spells: Creator & Destructor

Also known as the Power of the Creator and the Power of the Terminator. This move gives him either a blue amount of energy (for Creator) or red (for Destroyer), which will then be used for his special move Unleash.


His unique ability when combined with electrically charged Dark Magic produces many special effects: Without an electric charge, it will cause a spherical explosion around himself; With one attack of the Terminator magic, it caused him to create a small explosion in front of him; With two hits of the Terminator magic, it causes him to create a bigger explosion in front of him; With three attacks of the Terminator magic, it caused him to create a full-screen explosion that also hit OTG.

However, this power boost, when the opponent is cornered, can be followed by his stalking Super Flare; With one use of the Creator’s magic, the Dread Lord summons a spear shot from the ground; With the Creator’s two magical attacks, he then summoned three consecutive spikes fired from the ground.

With the Creator’s three magical attacks, Dormammu will cast a spell that prevents his opponent from jumping; The combination of a Creator’s magic and a Terminator would cause him to call a meteor shower from the sky a few feet away from him; The combination of one Creator’s spell and two of the Terminator’s spells would cause him to summon a lava blast from the central screen, where the lava stone eventually fell to the ground; The combination of the two Creator spells and one Destroyer will cause another meteor shower and last a little longer and farther in range

Dormammu Hyper Combos


Chaotic Flame

His flash is like super-moving and is one of the fastest to boot. He creates concentrated flames out of his hands before shooting them at his opponent. Chaotic Flame can easily be chained after the Purification tower is canceled early for the super combination to deal maximum damage.

Stalking Flare

He creates a floating ball of fire that monitors his opponent and will hit 20 times before it disappears. Unlike Chaotic Flame, this hyper is active for a long time and will disappear if Dormammu gets hit.

Dark Dimension

Dormammu now uses his magical ability to trap his enemies into a microscopic space he has created. Then he holds the micro size with his thumb and index finger before crushing them into oblivion. This move attacks OTG and can be a great replacement for the Chaotic Flame inside his combo. It’s also important to note that the hyper hit-box is small so timing is key before performing this move.