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About Dota 2 Betting – Bet Dota 2 With Real Money

It can be said that the turning point marking the outstanding development of E-sports is thanks to The International I (Dota 2) with the $ 1 million ...

It can be said that the turning point marking the outstanding development of E-sports is thanks to The International I (Dota 2) with the $ 1 million prizes for the champion. It broke all records of prize money and scale of E-sports events in history. And since then, E-sports tournaments with hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in prize money have been created on many other games. Became one of the most attractive games in the world. It is not strange that Dota 2 betting also attracts millions of players.

About Dota 2 Betting - Bet Dota 2 With Real Money

Dota 2 is a remake of DotA 1 (Warcraft 3 DotA) produced by Valve in cooperation with IceFrog. The developer and the person who brought DotA to the top. The game content talks about the two sides of Radiant and Dire fighting to destroy the base of the opponent. Players as heroes (heroes) with unique skills will coordinate with other players to perform that task.

Dota 2 inherits all the best from the father of DotA 1. There are countless improvements, additions and new features that make the player experience more amazing.

Dota 2 betting market

According to statistics, Dota 2 has 12 million players in the past month. It attracts millions of viewers with continuous international tournaments. However, especially every year Dota 2 has a tournament called The International. It takes place in the US with a prize of up to $ 20 million. This is considered a dream tournament for every professional player playing Dota 2 because of its fame and awards. Just one TI championship will remind you forever as one of the best Dota 2 players in the world. There is enough money to change your whole life.

About Dota 2 Betting - Bet Dota 2 With Real Money

In addition, this game also has many other leagues such as Major, DreamLeague, Professional League. The number of Dota 2 tournaments is very much on par with CSGO so you can easily bet every week.

Some bookies like CMD368 even have a team of experts covering the top Dota 2 tournaments. Teams that are enough for See the house’s thorough research on each Dota 2 match for players to bet on.

If you are a Dota player or a fan of this game and love to bet, then try the Dota 2 betting.

Some famous Dota 2 teams

Liquid: A gaming team with many teams and large sponsors and shareholders. Liquid acquires the most talented players on the Dota 2 rankings including Miracle, MATUMBAMAN, MinD_Control, GH, Kuroky.

Secret: Led by Puppey, the captain and talented player from the time of DotA 1, Secret has stable performance and won many tournaments. Lineup: Puppey, YapzOr, KheZu, MidOne, MP.

EG: The International 5 champion with talented players including Fear, Cr1t, Zai, Universe, Suma1l, Arteezy. Steady form and always a champion candidate when it comes to EG.

About Dota 2 Betting - Bet Dota 2 With Real Money

The popular Dota 2 betting content

  • Map Winner: The winning team in a map, in tournaments, between the two teams, must play bo3 or bo5 format, so they will play 1 map multiple times. You choose the winning team on this map.
  • Correct Map Score: The official score such as for bo3 format is 2-1 or 2-0.
  • Team to Draw First Blood: Team wins the first life.
  • First Team To Destroy the Tower: The team destroys the tower of the first enemy.
  • Team to Destroy the First Baccarak: The team destroys the enemy soldiers first.
  • First Team to Slay the Roshan: Team defeats Roshan, Dota 2’s strongest monster.

Thus, in addition to the content of Dota 2 betting on the winner or loser, there are many interesting betting contents. Especially you should focus your bets on the upcoming The International 7 tournament. The largest Dota 2 tournament of the year and the whole world.

Some interesting things about The International 7 tournament for betting players

– TI7’s total award has reached 22 million USD.

– TI7 is the first TI period without the defending champions. The TI6 champion was Wings Gaming, and after the incident of this gaming leader, the members of this team formed another team and they failed to qualify for TI7.

– There are 4 players who have attended all 7 TI periods: Universe (EG), Kuroky (Liquid), Puppey (Secret), DDC (LGD). All 4 of them are from 4 different teams. Most likely they will overcome the group stage opponents easily thanks to their competitive experience.

– China is the country with the most teams and players attending TI7.

– The first TI has a player with 10,000 MMR attending: MMR is the score showing the rank of a Dota 2 player on a server. 10,000 MMR is the highest current number of a Filipino player currently competes for the Digital Chaos team. In addition, Liquid is a 27K team with 3 players surpassing the 9K mark. This proves that these players have a lot of skills and experience.

– Southeast Asia (SEA) has 3 teams participating in both TI6 and TI7. Those are 3 teams: Fnatic, Execration, Tnc Pro Team.

– The three teams most likely to win are EG (2/7), VP and Liquid (1/4).

About Dota 2 Betting - Bet Dota 2 With Real Money

Dota 2 will always be a strong E-sports game thanks to the DotA brand that has gone into many players’ hearts. The Dota 2 betting market will also be active with a lot of tournaments and strong teams. Do you have your choice for this TI?