July 30, 2021


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Dota 2 – Decoding Power Named Puck – Heroes Explained



It seems that we are no stranger to familiar face of Puck. In the last The International 7, he appeared quite a lot and was in the top ban / pick of the main event. So, with guide games learn the power of this dragon.

Stable strength – Puck


Illusory Orb: releases a projectile in the target direction, damaging enemies along the way, this bullet grants cross-terrain visibility. Puck can activate his sub-skill Ethereal Jaunt to fly to the orb position. This skill is 2 in 1, both used to inflict damage, both to approach the target or run away.

Waning Rift: kicking the powder around makes the enemy standing around get high speechless. It is another multi-purpose skill that both deals damage and makes the enemy shut up

Phase Shift: disappears automatically and reappears when the operator performs other actions or when the time is up. It sounds simple, but this is the skill that makes the brand’s most muddy. With a disappearance like that, it was possible to “catch” a lot of the enemy’s skills by timing it right. At level 4 of this ability, it only stirs a mere 6 seconds compared to the 3.25 seconds of impact. If this trick comes with Blink Dagger, Eul’s Scepter of Divinity, and Illusory Orb your life will be meaningless for a few seconds more when trying to capture this epidemic.

Dream Coil: Creates a link at the selected location on an enemy champion standing in the affected area, dealing damage and briefly stunned, and the enemy champion will be connected by a wire from the skill’s center. If any hero tries to move away from the center of the effect, it will take longer damage and stun duration. This skill is strong in effect, but the damage is a bit sida. With the ability to isolate enemy champions in a fixed area, this is a golden opportunity for teammates to launch skills into the affected area.

Imba Talent – Puck


With the talent at level 10, it is normal, but at level 15 onwards, it starts to “slightly” unusual a little. With a lack of health nuker that possesses the muddiest skill set and gets a bonus of 20% more magic resistance, it’s a real “mistake”, but if he meets a formation with less magic damage, he can take 50 damage to punch for pain. (Puck ‘s attack speed is quite good too).

By the level 20 talent, the 3s reduction for Waning Rift makes it easier for him to lock the enemy’s snout, but if you play the way nuker bought Dagon, the bonus 10% magic damage is too damaging.

Finally, there is the most disgusting talent: talent level 25: +420 gold/min, can rush the missing items or speculate money to buy back (this rush is also fast for lv25 solo mid and earn from ganking. quite a lot), the + 75% flight speed and long-range score for [sk illusory-orb] is usually reserved for experienced players, but in reality, few people take it (gold is more important than that)

The ultimate magic game

Always will be. You must already know how scary Puck is in the hands of gosus. It looks like low on health hero, but it’s just a trick. Meeting some good players, you sure can’t even touch him.

he is a very powerful ganker, and strong in a safe way, not all-in style like many other gankers, that is, it has the skill to go deep into between the enemy, and also has the ability to go back to a safe position. Thanks to all the skills and core items it will be up later.

The magic here is the combination of the item and its skillset: Puck does not need to accumulate as strong damage as the purebred nukers, it lures, swamp, bleeds, gives adverse effects to his team took care of the rest (or if he had enough damage, he wouldn’t hesitate to take the victim’s life). In short, he was born to gank at first and mess up later, the effect is always high quality.

Ensure strength on late-game

Many people will say that the nukers (except in some cases) will be weak when dragging late because the opponent invests in buffers, magic resists, Black King Bar], … however, this one is late. The game just needs to get the skill effect, but the damage can be customized to build up, in short, it can still get all the physiological weaknesses behind and disable the front lines. fishing time pulls a lot of the opponent’s important skills through Phase Shift. Black King Bar counter? The set does not know Aghanims Scepter sure, moreover when dragging late, in order for it to get the talent to increase gold.