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Dota 2: Guide To Play Ember Spirit In Magic Carry Style

Ember Spirit

Ember Spirit

Ember Spirit, a versatile and highly customizable hero with an interesting set of skills gives the hero a wide range of play styles. Before the release of the Talent tree, he mainly focused on increasing physical damage using only the Sleight of Fist skill, when the Talent tree debuted, the hero had a style to play Mid magic damage to use. 4 of his active skills. There have been many significant changes since the introduction of the Talent tree, now we are coming to a new style, carry magic damage.

How to play Ember Spirit – Advantages / Disadvantages

Ember Spirit


  • Highly effective in the early and mid-game with a large amount of magic damage making the team easy to take advantage of.
  • Continuous flying is extremely difficult to catch.
  • Easily change gameplay when needed.


  • The basic stats are low so you need to be careful when playing, not get caught as volatile like the big guys.
  • Need a tanker in front to be able to promote the highest efficiency.
  • Demand for mana is high (full set of active skills), but the hero’s mana amount is extremely modest.

Skill Table For Ember Spirit

Ember Spirit

Get all 3 skills at level 3 then focus on raising Flame Guard first, when Flame Guard has maximized 1 more point for Searing Chainss and then raised the Sleight of Fist and finally returned to Searing Chainss. Ultimate got the right level.

About talents:

LV10: +25 damage improves farming speed and early game damage.

LV15: + 1s Searing Chains helps increase Ember Spirit ‘s disable ability.

LV20: Select + 10% Spell Amplification to increase your damage because the build focuses more on magic damage. True Strike can be selected in case the enemy team has Phantom Assassin.

LV25: 2 Sleight of Fist Charges because you’re still a carry.

How To Play Ember Spirit

Early game

Going solo or Dual safe lane (if you are afraid of eating onions, then trilane), you should focus on farming in the early levels and getting yourself some basic items first. When you reach level 6 and you have an Ultimate you should call your teammates to gank (do not gank much because when unsuccessful can affect your farming speed) when ganking you can shoot fireballs.

Then the searing chain keeps the enemy turned on Flame Guard to sharpen the health and hit a few hits then use the Sleight of Fist to finish if you don’t master the Sleight of Fist-Searing Chains combo, also known as slashing (using SoF then immediately use Searing Chains). If you have mastered this combo, then the safer way to gank is to slash and then get the ball to finish to avoid the rush to see all the enemies, take a stun and get hit a few times to go.

Should use Flame Guard to farm faster. Having Maelstrom your farming will be greatly improved as you can now utilize the Sleight of Fist to unleash lightning at a much higher speed than with basic attacks.

In addition, Sleight of Fist and Fire Remnant both give Ember Spirit invulnerability, so if you are quick you can avoid some skills from the enemy.

Mid game

Ember Spirit

Keep the balance between farming and ganking because if you only farm, you will likely be out farmed by the enemy carry team, and vice versa if you only gank, your farm will decrease. The balance between the two allows you to both have items and restrain the enemy team.

In case your team loses in the early game, you should start split push to make room for the remaining cores to farm. With Fire Remnant you will be very difficult to get caught by just dropping the ball in a relatively safe place, open Flame Guard and use the Sleight of Fist to quickly destroy the creeps, immediately fly back when you see the entire enemy team has disappeared. lose from the map or a relatively dangerous name appears in front of you (sure, they’ll gank you). Always follow the Town Portal Scroll to switch to another lane when necessary.

Continue until you have enough items and your team has the main item ready to jump into the team fight.

Late game

This is a very important stage, Ember Spirit is not a solo solo hero with a hand like traditional carry especially with magic damage style, you need to choose your position appropriately. Do not rush into the middle of the enemy team but focus on destroying the most bloody guy in the enemy team, increasing the distance between us and the enemy or at least scare these guys away from the fight.

With core items such as Octarine Core and Maelstrom you can easily spam the poke skill of the enemy team and also have more balls so that you can both kill the enemy while flying to the whole body. Always have Buyback money, with the mobility of Ember Spirit you can always return and reverse team battles.

If the team fight loses and you are still alive, try to push the other lanes if the enemy hasn’t hit the high ground to create space for your teammates to revive and divide the enemy team force so you can more easily defend without fear of being overwhelmed.