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Dota 2 – Guide to play mid Vengeful Spirit in Dota 2

Vengeful Spirit

Vengeful Spirit

When your teammates say they want to play mid Vengeful Spirit, you might have prepared your mind to lose the match. But that is no more. Recently, streamers and some professional teams like OG or Nigma have used VS in the core position like position 1, pos 2, and even 3. So why do some professional players use her in Mid? How do you play this hero in mid lane?

Vengeful Spirit Has Strong Basic Indicator

Vengeful Spirit

First, Vengeful Spirit has excellent base stats at level 1 and is one of the heroes with the highest level of agility per game: 3.8 – the third-highest of all heroes. That allows VS to be strong later.

However, heroes can go well mid thanks to the ability to combine with the zoo hero in the last meta. Although some items in the zoo meta are nerfed, VS is still reasonable in the game. Luna, Beastmaster, Enchantress are still on items like Vladimir’s Offering, which is considered the best push aura item patch 7.27, and Helm of the Dominator is still somewhat usable.

Venge is the perfect hero to go along with these items because the hero armor gained from agility makes me extremely good at taking damage. Not to mention, her passive aura also adds +13 main stats to all heroes around her.

Why going Mid?

Vengeful Spirit

She can play in many different roles. If the hero has leveled up and farmed well, VS will provide additional damage and damage to the team at the end of the game. For the purposes of this article, we will default to VS level priority and will discuss the mid position.

The article chose mid for Vengeful Spirit because the hero takes advantage of the early levels and the farm in the mid. Not to mention Wave of Terror is extremely effective to farm a small forest next to the mid. It allows you to take advantage of an opponent to help yourself develop in the middle of the game.

In addition, her buffiness also allows the hero to survive on the most annoying champions, if not the lane.

Vengeful Spirit ‘s going Lane Phase

To play the mid- Vengeful Spirit, your priority is to raise the maximum Wave of Terror and Vengeance Aura first. At level 1, Wave of Terror minus 3 AoE armor will help you trade hit opponents better. Most importantly, this will make the last hitting ranged creeps using Wave of Terror (dealing 60 magic damage) too easy. You can do the same thing with Magic Missle, but it is better to maximize the Wave of Terror by less mana cost, and the chance to bring down the armor. You can also use it as a jungle creep tool.

Another reason to play VS mid is that the hero uses the level very well. At level 2, you have 60 damage nuke and -3 AoE armor, plus +4 Agility from Vengeance Aura to help VS hit hands much stronger than opponents. In most cases, you will always have the advantage of damage when playing VS by catching the initial amount of farm items that the opponent buys, plus the bonus you gain from your skillset.