July 30, 2021


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Dota 2 – Guide To Play Oracle In Carry Position



Once getting intense, Support can also carry. This article will guide you to play Oracle in Carry position.

How To Play Oracle – Advantages / Disadvantages



  • Possessing the best Base Attack Time game —> very fast attack speed
  • Basic attack range far, easy to select the location in the teamfight
  • Possessing a support skill that can both support the team and save himself but carry the nature of carrying —> to be alive
  • The building style makes the opponent unexpectedly unable to return


  • Lack of health like other big brains
  • Luxury furniture
  • The ability to clean up the masses is poor
  • Just relying on the arm to cause damage, just spamming skills to be alive —> disabling or silence will put an end to you

Skills Table For Oracle


You only need 1 point for Fortune’s End to get slow and delete the enemy buff because we will not use this skill to deal damage. Max Purifying Flame to finish the target when the enemy’s blood is below the threshold after your fierce brutal attacks. Fate’s edict will be upgraded to max 2 to lock down the enemy carry, solo easier, or can save yourself or your teammates with Fate’s edict + Purifying Flame combo. Ultimately get the right level

About the talent we add as follows:

  • Talent lv10: get a 20% increase in exp to plow faster, we play along with the carrier so there’s no need to take 0.75s more effect for Fortune’s End
  • Talent Lv15: Get +200 health for Hard
  • Talent lv20: Get 20 Int for more mana and a little damage
  • Talent lv25: At this time, you should take 2 more seconds for False promises to better protect yourself and your teammates. This build is not a support build, so don’t look at +250 range

How To Play Oracle

Early game

First game check out runes, nothing special, the lane only

In this build, Oracle can take the safe lane, offlane, or midlane. With the advantage of long arms like pubic hair and fast attack speed, he has no difficulty in the last hitting and denied although the damage is a bit small (can be quickly compensated with some cheap early game items). Sometimes itchy hands you can use the combo Purifying Flame and Fortune’s End to structure the enemy’s blood and then follow the hit a few more, ensuring very painful. The advantage of a long arm is so you should make the most of aggro creep trick (can be read here)

Forget it, there is a lot of tricks using this trick, please read it again at the Oracle support guide for more details on how to move and combo properly.

Fortune’s End is his only enemy-holding skill, but it is a bit difficult to use because he has to stand alone before spraying. It is best to combine with another team if you intend to kill early or stand in any hidden corner and shoot out and run out.

Every lane should be followed by a few Town portal scrolls to roll the lane to lick or flee when ganked

Mid game


Now is the time to combine farming and ganking, especially after acquiring Hand of Midas. With the sup skill set and build carry, your utility in ganking and early teamfighting is great. Ask the team sup to make sure his eyesight first, then raise his ass to find some kills to boost his illicit income.

Which one do you think is the best for a beating? Note that when encountering those who use vegetarian attacks to inflict damage on the enemy, Fate’s edict gives the enemy 100% magic resistance but does not resist physical damage, so it also causes disarm (banning), so when encountering some.

This one, Oracle just goes straight Fate’s edict into their mouth then follow the fight, as long as the enemy’s blood reaches 250 equal to 1 bar of health, then kill Purifying Flame finishes (this skill deals 270 dmg minus the hero’s magic resistance, but count a 1 bar of 250 health to make it easy to see), ABSOLUTELY NOT buff this peanut to the enemy when your team is dmg. When you or your allies are in distress, go ahead and buff the False promise and then continue fighting, live, and die.

Then, just follow the Town portal scroll in person for ease of flying around the map

Late game

The late-game now you should limit going alone. With the build carry nature and support skill mentioned above, Oracle is a very helpful guy in the teamfight when he can both deal great damage and support his teammates very well (but not good at pure sup, okay? never mind). Combat, then wait for the initiator to open first and then leisurely step in and distribute the skill appropriately.