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Dota 2 – Guide To Playing Disco Ball Style Luna



Luna is a super strong carry that both deals massive physical damage while possessing a large set of magic damage skills. Disco Ball style will bring destructive power when building magic paths for her.

How To Play Luna – Advantages / Disadvantages


  • Easy to play, easy to farm, terrible late
  • Running, easy to chase as well as fleeing enemies
  • Dmg hand or magic damage are equally disgusting
  • Combat is strong when both hand and magic damage is dealt on a large scale


  • Need to farm a lot of furniture or it will be a very waste
  • My blood is not very buffalo, do not possess the skill to flee, so it is easy to gank
  • Previously long-sleeved, but has a range of 330 (30 more than Monkey King)
  • Need to keep a good position in the teamfight if you do not want to evaporate as quickly as the state budget

Skills Table For Luna


At the beginning of the game, take the max Lucent beam first to deal damage in the form of Nebula and 2 points Luna blessing last hit for ease. Go to level 8 and onward for Moon Glaive to speed up farming. Ultimately get the right level

The Talent we add is as follows:

  • Talent lv10: take 200 cast range because this is a muscle guide, okay?
  • Talent lv15: Get 3s off for Lucent beam and beam for life’s happiness
  • Talent lv20: get 100 dmg for Lucent beam, still have to freak out
  • Talent lv25: yes yes, 0.25-second mini stun per Eclipse lucent will allow the opponent to forget the way back

How To Play Luna

Early game

You can go solomid or safe lane with babysitter support, but with this guide encourages you to go mid to optimize lv and farm stats.

At the beginning of the game, you should focus on farming, not moving, you really do not have any defense skills called effective. Luna‘s gameplay is also quite boring like traditional carry carries Drow Ranger, Anti-Mage, …. at all stages because, in addition to farm farming with pushing out, her gank ability is on average with a low amount of mana and short-range.

Luna is a hero who needs to farm lots of items to be able to lead, it is best to keep farming and then push if the opponent leaves the lane. Remind support full eye plug to know which way to run if ganked.

Sometimes you can pin the enemy’s blood with a Lucent beam, wait for the opponent to be low, call the death squad to make it more money, and this is also a tool to cancel teleport because it causes a mini-stun, use intelligently this skill.

Try to go up lv6 with Ulti then go find some pocket network, Ulti is recovering, then run to farm again, all for a healthy Disco floor later.

Mid game


It may be a bit hard when you are not a traditional mechanic when only Lucent beams deal damage, while the Eclipse is long-lasting, but with a cooldown of only 6 seconds, Luna still Can act as a ganker of the team, although it is a bit dependent on the team. But if you have the opportunity, then go farm.

Quickly complete Aghanims Scepter to give absolute power to Eclipse. Anyway, despite having a terrible Ulti, you still must not forget the main task is still farming whenever there is space. As soon as the Ulti has just regained, accompany the team to join the team immediately to maximize the ability to destroy.

Always available Town portal scroll to go everywhere, increase income for yourself and to fall when there is a variable

Late game

Now is the time you need to follow the team, or farm near the team to be able to receive support or support in time. If you go solo, ask your support team to plug their eyes fully to ensure life, it is best if you want to go solo, cast the Boots of Travel for convenience, just increase the speed to run for a free Town portal scroll every 55 seconds.

Before entering the teamfight, you should blink a few Lucent beams popping the enemy’s health. With a long-range cast of 800 + 200 talent, you can completely pour the enemy’s health from an extremely safe position.

In team fights or def defenses, stuff Luna ‘s Ulti into highly mobile teammates or use Blink dagger to deal the best damage to enemies (or any creep creeping your head into the air. enemy formation (Allahu Akbar style). When the combat is over, go push the tower and pull the opponent’s house down to make a new game

At the end of the game should store about 2k in people to buy back, anyway, with the skill set in the direction of the mechanic has a very fast recovery time so you have to twist nothing to rock when your buyback.