July 28, 2021


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Dota 2 – Guide to playing Jakiro in the style of carrying



With a lot of changes coming from items and the appearance of Talent Tree, the birth of weird playing styles for many heroes is inevitable, including Jakiro

How To Play Jakiro – Advantages / Disadvantages



  • Starting index of super buffalo dogs with a big brain Int
  • The ability to disable and slow uncomfortable make the opponent dragging
  • Build metamorphosis can cause huge amounts of mixed damage, making it difficult for opponents to counter
  • Healthy from the beginning to the end of the game


  • Extreme attack range sida
  • Speed ​​of sprinting (bearing wings with wings that have 290 running speed)
  • Attack speed is also low because each level of Agi is too small
  • Need to farm a lot of furniture to direct

How To Play Jakiro – Skills Table For Jakiro


2 main skills that cause damage to Jakiro are Dual breath and Liquid fire will be maxed out first, Ice path is taken 1 point at the beginning of the game for disabling and is maximized at the end. Ultimately get the right level

About the talent we add as follows:

  • Talent lv10: get + 25% experience to plow faster because its later talent grows
  • Talent Lv15: Get 250 range to spit farther
  • Talent lv20: when encountering an enemy team favoring dmg hands, take -60 attack speed for Liquid fire, while the opposite case take gold boosts to do business (lul)
  • Talent Lv25: Get points Macropyre penetration magic resist and deal pure damage to optimize combat. However, if your team lacks disables, you can take 1.25 seconds of effect for Ice path, this point is also very strong, not inferior to that point.

How To Play Jakiro

Early game

Early game check out runes, nothing special than the lane

Hard work last hit/denied is your main job, sometimes itchy hands can pluck up spit Liquid fire on the guy who is in the same lane with him, not wasting mana but also quite a bit of enemy blood (do not leave auto-cast, please click to use it to spit 600 range), if possible, then spit on the enemy’s tower, make sure to crush the tower early

Liquid fire is a special skill, it deals its hand damage with scorching effect, although the theory of recording is 400 range of use equal to basic attack range, for the normal cast will be 600 range and long range. will be increased if its attack range is increased, equivalent to the 850 range when taking the level 15 talent, notice this, very beneficial later if your team push high ground.

With abundant damage source and the ability to poke uncomfortable blood, Jakiro easily overwhelms the enemy in the lane and has a great chance of killing if roamer out to gank mid. However, it is also very easy to sml if he is asked by the enemy roamer because he does not have any escape skills. In general, do not let the creeps rise too long and pay attention to ensuring visibility in the mid so that it does not gank but gradually

End of early you can reverse lane to gank or farm if you like (lol). When meeting good teammates, ask the super stack to camp a few camps to eat later to increase the illicit income. You can stack the camp yourself with Ice path because it has a long-range of 1200, suitable for stacking large campsites near mid or 2 ancient yards.

Mid game

This stage should go gank and push hard turrets, ganking with completed turrets then go farming. Jakiro can sustain his health very quickly thanks to Liquid fire (the effect of 5s but level 4 only heals for 4s), gank is also very strong thanks to Dual breath, Ice path, and Macropyre. Try to take down 3 enemy Tier 1 turret as soon as possible, have both money and vision to narrow the enemy control area.

Before lv20, it was still very difficult to deal with his arm attack due to short-range, sida sniffing speed so it would mainly fight with skill. it is not a hero who initiates combat, the skill set is delayed so it is best to ask someone to join the team first to bait (sup or initiator, for example). There are even many guys who do not even care about standing on a pile of Macropyre when they are engrossed in combat) vegetarian blow. Try to keep a good distance because it looks like a buffalo dog, but the armor is very thin, easily evaporates by strong hands

Thanks to supporting to ensure visibility for ganking and farm jobs to be facilitated. Always keep available according to the Town portal scroll to reverse lane or fall when there are variables

Late game

Having procured quite a bit of carrying equipment and giving him the ability to increase his 400 range, Jakiro has now become a true cannon. Possessing powerful magic damage like a nuclear bomb and hammering damage to him at a long-range, it can easily poke the enemy’s blood from a blind distance with spitting Liquid fire (casting lots of damage is no different than throwing 1140 range grenade with Dragon Lance, this is the time you turn into a real devil

At this point should be limited to go odd when not needed, when the two teams are showing signs of fighting, please stand a little further away so as not to fall into the enemy’s sights. During the fight, just let go of the skills and then fight like a carry. In the case of def or push the high ground, make the most of the long-range of Liquid fire to poke enemies and turrets