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Dota 2 – Guide To Playing Pangolier As Offlaner, Semi Carry



Pangolier has a play that blends the dexterity of a Carry Agility and the brashness of a Tanker Strength. With an interesting skill set and also a bit difficult to control, he causes chaos in team battles and grows rapidly when many enemies are nearby.

Guide To Play Pangolier – Advantages / Disadvantages



  • Total fighting, very strong combat destruction (Rolling Thunder + Shield Crash combo makes many unlucky supports).
  • Able to buff as a Semi-Tanker with just 1 good Shield Crash cast.
  • Swashbuckle + Shield Crash in the mid and late game for the economic ability not less than Russia America.
  • The late-game even in the Offlane position also has the ability to hit the hand with no disparage with the Carrier.
  • Destroy the powerful buffalo and buffalo armor with Heartpiercer, 10 or 100 armor to bring scrap Dong Xuan market all.
  • Move, attack, or use skills without wasting time turning around.


  • The gameplay is a bit mixed (between Agility and Strength hero), making the power not too focused on one thing (hitting damage or blocking is not too prominent).
  • If you are not a racing boy, you can only hit the wall continuously while driving Rolling Thunder.
  • Although they can play in the style of a Carry, they can really fight with the real Carry (three mixed genres …).
  • Need a lot of items

Skill Table For Pangolier


In terms of skill, Pangolier should max for himself 2 skills: Swashbuckle and Shield Crash, Shield Crash helps him to go Offlane better with the ability to reduce damage while Swashbuckle, of course, is to buzz the beginning of the game / eat creeps when needed. The Heartpiercer only needs to take 1 point since it always returns the victim’s armor to zero at all levels. Rolling Thunder takes the right level because it’s your branding.

About Talent:

  • Lv10 takes +2 mana regeneration, Pangolier looks like he uses a lot of mana skill (this hero usually uses Swashbuckle + Shield Crash combo to farm to compensate).
  • Lv15 takes a 2-second cooldown for Shield Crash while rolling. With this Talent point, you can constantly bombard the enemy squad with a solid steering wheel, and above all, you can save you if you accidentally roll into a corner. 30 Attack Speed ​​sounds pretty cool, but it’s a pure Carry build.
  • At Lv20 you take +30 damage to Swashbuckle, by this time prepare to be a punching hero
  • Lv25 you take 3 seconds of Swashbuckle cooldown for the same reason as above.

How To Play Pangolier


Early game

The early game of course you will run out of Offlane, luckily you have 1 support accompanying, more unlucky than you go alone. However, don’t worry too much, with Swashbuckle for the ability to escape and Shield Crash, fortunately, if you get gangbanged, it will not evaporate too quickly.

Swashbuckle early game damage range is also quite long and does not cost much mana if you need to poke creeps for some money. This skill is a Vector-target, which means you have to orient yourself twice before this skill can be performed. For new players, it is difficult to just stab the standard, let alone the crew skills in the future.

Performing standard 3 steps quickly will help you dance your sword no less than Yasuo of League of Legends. With the advantage of choosing two directions to help surprise, you can run behind the opponent to smash the melee, or run back to counter-attack, or slam to the sides to stab multiple opponents at the same time.

As for Shield Crash is also quite simple, this skill gives you very strong damage resistance if you use it to hit multiple targets of enemy heroes, so if you happen to be ganged up, just use it, just use 5 guys to gank. 5 then you are almost indestructible already. An added bonus is that with massive damage plus quick casting, this skill can be used as your KS tool very well.

Mid game

In the mid-game, you should not do anything yet, farm to make up for a few mid-range items (Diffusal Blade for example) to remove the gauze economy from the Early Game period. But do not rush to farm because you are not a hard carry model to hit late, fighting early will promote the strength of this swordsman.

You are the hero that initiates the team fight, so the outcome of a fight depends a lot on your moves. When your teammates have gathered quite a lot (about 4 guys fall on the ground, if you miss the carry, let him go to work economically) and are ready to fight, you “start” Rolling Thunder. Well, remember to hide behind the grove for it to surprise.

In the empty terrain, you can hit all the heroes once per hero is too good, but in terrain with many dead corners, narrow angles, you should take advantage of the ability to “hit the terrain is to turn heads the vehicle always “to be able to stun continuously stun and do a lot of damage in the team fight. Taking advantage of cliffs, stuck corners to turn the car, stun is an art that even when you pro Pangolier you can not master it.

And remember that when you meet the terrain, or when you reach the crowd, you must use Shield Crash next. Try to have Shield Crash burst damage at the same time as Rolling Thunder, which means you jump straight into the face of the enemy while rolling. Feel the urge to land your dear chair at the gynecological face of the supporters who are panicking in search of a hiding place.

Late game

Rarely does a hero like Pangolier when the skill set on Late game 100% does not lose its effectiveness. Swashbuckle is super powerful once you own items that create attack effects, Shield Crash now gives you superior defense, the damage is no longer important. The Heartpiercer sends your team’s armor to the junk market, which means that a Dragon Knight even with 50 armor or a 70-armor Timbersaw will be as flabby as resisting sup.

And Rolling Thunder is of course the skill that made the brand for Pangolier offlane. That’s enough to see how important your late game power is? With your extremely high farming speed, you should save money to buybacks before heading towards luxury items.

In the teamfights in Late game (usually in the high ground), if you want to initiate the fight, you should find unexpected approaches, not go straight through the pillars. Take advantage of the ability to jump over high ground fence walls, you start the engine from the forest and jump on the enemy high ground base, drift straight to the enemy core team, then go to the supports and stop at the Support to puncture the way.