August 4, 2021


Game CMD 368

Dota 2 – Guide To Playing Pudge As Roamer, Initiator, Tanker



“Nothing tastes better than fresh things”. Today we introduce to you how to play Pudge as Roamer, Initiator, Tanker.

How To Play Pudge – Advantages / Disadvantages



  • A lot of health, the longer the game, the more of health thanks to Flesh heap
  • Strong ganker, can break the enemy team easily with the Meat hook
  • Disable disgusting by Dismember


  • Pretty health consuming when using Rot
  • Difficult to play
  • It takes quite a few levels to develop strength
  • Industriousness, no different than a sandbag for the opponent to practice
  • Depends much on the team when roam ganking

Skill Table For Pudge


At the beginning of the game we take 1 Rot to get slow to hold the enemy, but if your team has a few more disables, you can always get the Meat hook to pull the enemy towards your team to handle. Maxing up Meat hook first to deal damage and take ranged when roam ganking, then go to Rot to add more damage (or to kill himself if being squashed), Flesh heap it gives you Str bonuses. When you have not upgraded this skill, you do not need to get it early, after you have maxed the other 2 skills and then it’s okay, ultimate is at the right level

About the talent we get as follows:

  • Talent lv10: it’s up to you to choose. 5 armor will make you stiffer against heroes with huge amounts of physical damage, but 35 damage from Rot can easily help you finish off prey.
  • Talent lv15: no need to think about 13% of the ability to suck blood, you are just supporting, not a carry so don’t fantasize about 75 hand damage.
  • Talent lv20: With the roam gank gameplay, Pudge is quite lacking in money, so it is best to get 180 gold/minute, but if you exceed the rules, 15% of the time CD will give Pudge benefit a lot.
  • Talent lv25: if you need to lock a target of the enemy team, adding 3 extra effects of Dismember is enough to make a difference, but in case the team needs 1 pawn then +2 Flesh Heap Stack Strenght is the right decision.

How To Play Pudge


Early game

One thing you should remember is that Pudge is very easy to die when ganking because the skill is quite a health consuming, so in order to roam effectively, you must have allies. First of all, report your position and ping the lane where you want to gank so that the tendons kick-off before taking the victim.

Using Meat hook correctly is very important for him when roaming ganking, if you hook too much, make sure in the future you can hardly raise your face, easily become the weight of the team. Because I don’t have money to map, I don’t have exp plus skill, tickle like a mobile sandbag. Practice the Meat hook many times in practice and be quick to guess the enemy’s direction when you want to play this roamer style.

With Rune hooking since 7.07, Pudge will always have to equip Bottle to KS runes in front of other people’s noses, rest assured that your mana after hooking on runes will be fully restored so there’s nothing to be too worried.

Mid game

At this stage, keep ganking. Don’t miss the prey with the slide Hook. This is a powerful weapon, extremely damaging, but it takes a lot of practice to be proficient. It has a cruising speed of 1400, which equates to approximately 1 second flight time at max level. Quite slow, right?

So what you need to do is to guess the direction of their movements before they recognize you. In order for the opponent to detect you, the Hook’s slip rate will increase very high, if encountering an experienced person, they completely know when you will Hook to avoid (Pudge will pause a bit when preparing Hook).

When you throw Hook, it is not advisable to shoot your hook at the enemy position and then throw it like most of you are just practicing or doing. Instead, you try to estimate the position of the enemy and press the mouse halfway between you and the prey. Once you have determined a toss, you must be determined, not hesitant, and do not play with a drag (Use Stop key combination). It may seem unfamiliar at first but it gives you a very good pull.

Or you can use Quickcast if you like. Quickcast is preferred by the players, new players should practice target cast to have a feeling of pulling first.

His main combo would be: Hook -> Dismember + Rot -> Hook (only after you’ve got Aghanims Scepter). If you practice long enough, you can target Dismember on a target that is being pulled back without spending extra cast time, which is very beneficial against escaping heroes with zero cast time or item make them unable to turn around.

Late game

If in the mid-game stage you are actively looking for kills, now is the time to enjoy. You will see that without too many items, his Strength, as well as white damage, is more terrible than any other tanker. Possessing such buffalo HP, he can confidently turn on the Black King Bar, Shivas Guard, and Rot to sweep the enemy formation. However, keep in mind that he is not a team hero, it is still very easy to die assuming that he has 8,000 health.

Teamwork is paramount. End the game early because Pudge ‘s gank effectiveness has decreased, the damage is no longer too great, the Carry with Black King Bar is not afraid of this fat guy anymore.