July 31, 2021


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Dota 2 – Guide to playing Tuskar in the style of Lee Sin



Once it comes to intense, cultivating to become Lee Sin – Cosplay Lee Sin is not impossible. Come to the Guide for Tuskar.

Tuskar Play Guide – Advantages / Disadvantages



  • Strong beginning stats, laning easily
  • Gank as hard as Snowball
  • Isolate an enemy squad easily with Ice Shards (and your team too)
  • Good combat support in the role of neutralizing single target (punching the victim’s mouth with Walrus Punch)
  • Style Lee Sin game X catches the odd target to bring more efficiency in the teamfight


  • Easy to squeeze the team and yourself ball with Ice Shards and Snowball
  • Poor farming, living thanks to ganking, broken ganking is gradual steadily
  • Drag late not too buffalo, difficult to tank while having to swim in the middle of the enemy team to promote efficiency
  • The effectiveness of combat is much worse than those of a pure initiator

Skills Table For Tuskar


Ice Shards and Snowball will be maxed first to take damage and gank, can get 1 point of Frozen Sigil to increase the ability to slow down fighting, otherwise the last max. Ultimately get the right level

About the talent we add as follows:

  • Talent lv10: get any good point: 90 gold/minute from lv10 right away to help you rush item faster, and 40% exp increase will help you ensure the level of lv when going to gank to farm
  • Talent lv15: get 350 blood for hard, Snowball is mostly used to close and disable but dmg does not care much where people care
  • Talent lv20: get 100% bonus for Walrus Punch to punch the mouth of the unfortunate enemy
  • Talent lv25: this point arbitrary. For example, in the late game you can cast the speed of attack (Assault Cuirass for example), then take a 12% chance to hit Walrus Punch to make the carry version of the error, but if you only follow the team to disable the block of things, get a 6s discount for Ice Shards that do the task

How To Play Tuskar

Early game

At the beginning of the game, it was curious to check the runes, if the team has many disables, invite to the other side of the forest to learn a little. In general, at the beginning Tuskar was a quite good-looking hero, not afraid to collide at lv1, especially when posting behind him, there were more retarded teammates. After the rune, everyone goes away.

The early game in this build is similar to the old-fashioned way now: you go to the lane to last hit denied for lv. You can go any lane, go roam but it is better to go to the lane to get the level, then ganking sure. The lane that Tusk can go is offlane or safe lane as a carrier if your team has a carry to mid (even if your dog’s blood can go out to mid to exchange well). Despite a small amount of damage, with the help of a Quelling blade and high starting speed, Tuskar can easily last hit without much difficulty. Make the most of aggro creeps if you go offlane or mid to catch the attention of the creeps, not to rise to farms prone to enemy health roamer.

Pay attention to each move on the map to make a decision to play aggressively or not. If a roamer comes to gank, hide in a tree hole to roll Snowball out to surprise (or run to where the teammate pulls it in and rolls quickly, then throws Ice Shards to block the enemy’s throat and so on torture victims to death.

Mid game

You should start to gank with Walrus Punch and go hunting individually when you have Blink dagger. Before starting the fight with Snowball, pay close attention to the map. Be aware of the number of missing heroes, suspect bait when needed, or even use a scan to verify. If you do not do this, you can put the whole team in an ambush trap of the enemy. OK then developed. Combo according to the textbook: Snowball – Ice Shards – Walrus Punch. Then open Frozen Sigil. Here are some notes:

To collect your teammates into the Snowball snowball, right-click on a nearby ally while preparing to roll. You have to be very quick, if you roll in place too long to gather allies your enemies will have enough time to retreat. Teammates may also voluntarily jump into snowballs in the same way. You should bring your teammates into the snowball instead of rolling alone.

You can completely use Ice Shards while you are rolling snowballs, this helps you be much more accurate than throwing shard out first because you catch in the direction of the target’s movement.

Should use Snowball in the area hidden sight to create the element of surprise

Frozen Sigil, a skill that was rarely noticed by Tuskar but made a lot of effect in the late game mid-game. Creating a very strong aura slow area that prevents the heroes from relying heavily on their fists, Tusk can control the ice by himself or let it follow Tusk from the beginning to influence key heroes. Do not let it fall into enemy hands because of this ice for a small amount of money.

After farming Aghanims Scepter, the fun will be multiplied

Late game


For the late game, you should go with the team, limiting odd ganking because the enemy has gone together. Your role is still very important because you are Lee Sin cosplayer, helping the team to capture the enemy core heroes with Walrus Kick and rush to fight in surprise thanks to Snowball, along with helping the whole team focus. neutralize unpleasant targets (strong support team, long-hand carry, strong nukers …), save money to buy back, and revive when necessary.