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Dota 2 – Guide to playing Underlord as Tanker-Disabler



With all his forces ready for an endless mission, Vrogros himself set foot to sunny earth to inform the world of the coming reigning. Those who faced Underlord would have to submit and pay the price if they didn’t want to be crushed at the very place where they are entrenched.

Playing Guide Underlord – Advantages / Disadvantages



  • A lot of health thanks to Strength, high health regen, and Atrophy Aura’s reduced hand damage.
  • Pit of Malice controls the area very well and can be used multiple times on an enemy hero, extending the crowd control time.
  • Fire Storm burns health very much while helping Underlord to farm and push lanes fast.
  • Dark Rift helps Underlord run away, save friends, and pull the lane reversing team extremely flexible.
  • Doesn’t depend much on items.
  • Permanently increased damage every time an enemy hero hit by Atrophy Aura dies.


  • Uses a lot of mana, but his mana is quite modest.
  • Poor mobility.
  • Dark Rift in the wrong place can squeeze the whole team.

How To Play Underlord


Early game

At the beginning of the game, I checked the runes, then went back to the offlaner to work. At the beginning of the game, Atrophy Aura will always provide you 10-20 bonus damage, combined with the reduced damage to the enemy lane you will have an advantage more in last hits/creeps denies. However, at the first 2-3 levels, Underlord was not really tough. The poor movement will make you more likely to be killed when facing an enemy lane that is capable of dealing high damage at level 1 like Juggernaut or Skywrath Mage. So when facing a strong enemy lane, play low, be careful, try to keep a certain distance to gain experience while using Atrophy Aura to harass the enemy carry team’s farming ability. Also, if you meet an enemy lane with short or secondary hands depending on the fight, try to last / hit denies as much as you can to find items as well as restrain the farm of the enemy.

Fire Storm burns blood very hard when you have raised 2-3 points, you can take advantage of Fire Storm to harass when the enemy wants to farm, keep enemy health low, creating opportunities for the team to reverse the lane to support gank lane for you. However, using Fire Storm is also quick to push the lane high so just spam it in the lane when you have it, teammates can help gank soon.

Call on your teammates to support the stack of jungle monsters or stack yourself up then use Fire Storm farm to fast and quickly get the necessary items to prepare for the mid-game teamfight. Remember to bring Town Portal Scroll to escape or reverse gank lane when necessary, now has its own slot already, there is no reason not to have at least one home patch on hand.

Mid game


Underlord ‘s Fire Storm + Pit of Malice Combo can both poke and control many items spend at the same time, very suitable for harassing the enemy formation when teaming up, combined with crowd control. If the teammates are invented, the enemy will probably have to eat 2-3 times. Pit of Malice will keep it for a long time. Fire Storm does batch damage in an area so use Fire Storm first combos to deal maximum damage.

In addition, Fire Storm also deals 1% health burn debuff. Good at restraining buffs that depend on Blink like Ax or Centaur, you can use them Fire Storm burns the health, destroys these heroes for a few seconds and then uses Pit of Malice to lock them in another important target, give the team an opportunity to destroy them and then come back to deal with the last few strong health heroes. Dark Rift makes Underlord ‘s gameplay extremely flexible, however, the standard use of this skill. It also depends on the tempo and situation of the game.

When the enemy pushes with total force you can use this skill to bring your teammates home. The best is do not fly directly into the visible area of ​​the enemy to avoid precautions and cover the crate.

Used on some other hero’s subunit like Beastmaster’s hawk or Lycan’s wolf to hide the secret moves to essential positions like Roshan or the enemy’s empty Ancient / Turret.

Used after winning a teamfight to quickly move to high push lanes and push total force (can tow the important buyback of the enemy).

Used to save friends when the teamfight is at a disadvantage. Remember to be careful in choosing a location and timing delay to avoid team death before flying away.

Late game

At the end of the game, Underlord ‘s power didn’t decrease due to Fire’s percentage of health burn Storm, even extremely painful if the enemy is held for too long in the affected area. Make use of Fire Storm and Pit of Malice to split the enemy squad during the teamfight, giving the teammates the chance to focus on their solemn goal first.

Atrophy Aura can reduce enemy’s white damage by up to 40% through magic resistance, easily heroes dependent on stats (such as Drow Ranger, Morphlin, Tiny …) are stunned while still having to go through thick armor is applied from your items.

Dark Rift when this becomes extremely important is a tool to help you easily turn around so remember to exchange carefully with your teammates when using this skill to avoid losing unfortunately due to miscalculation. Remember to hold buyback to instantly revive when needed, your influence at the end of the game is huge, one by one. A standard buyback phase can help your team overturn to victory.