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Dota 2: How to play Bounty Hunter 7.28, a powerful hero in pubs

Bounty Hunter 7.28

Bounty Hunter 7.28 is worth a try right now. The bounty hunter is among the most successful and popular heroes, even at the highest ranks. At first, many thought Shard was the cause of Bounty Hunter’s popularity, but it was not so simple. Perhaps this hero has been strong for a long time. Shard’s presence is just a catalyst to help people pay more attention to BH.

Bounty Hunter Doesn’t Have Specific Role

Bounty Hunter 7.28

Since Valve reworked Track from patch 7.20 more than two years ago, Bounty Hunter has not been well defined for its role. This hero loses all potential in economic acceleration for the team. Meanwhile, Bounty Hunter is not as survivable as Nyx Assassin, and also has a worse teamfight than Treant Protector. The hero is capable of scouting but does not have an effective booster or teamfight presence. In return, BH gets IceFrog a significant amount of damage.

There have been many people trying to take advantage of this damage more. Greedy Bounty Hunter offlaner and possibly BH position 1 was also tried, even in the professional arena. However, it never becomes the default pick. This way of playing sometimes creates surprises in the draft but its success is very rare.

Now, with Aghanim’s Shard’s presence popping up, Bounty Hunter 7.28 has been brought back to life in its former glory, providing extra movement speed and vision for allies. So is Bounty Hunter better suited to position 3 or 4?

Popular gameplay for Bounty Hunter 7.28

While the hero is very versatile, we still see some popular gameplay in Bounty Hunter. In high-rank games, Bounty Hunter usually plays in the offlaner, be it position 3 or 4. This is understandable because it allows BH to continuously put economic pressure on the opponent’s carry.

At level 3, Bounty Hunter usually increases Jinada level 2. With 9 seconds of cooldown and steals 20 gold, Jinada can turn 200 GPM from the opposing team to his own, as long as you hit the opponent. 5 Jinada hits per minute will get you 100 more gold while the enemy loses 100 gold.

Of course, that is a too ideal situation when you can keep hitting carry. Even if it only hits supports, it helps Bounty Hunter. This gameplay can be achieved with Bounty Hunter’s base stats: 600 HP with 7.5 armor, 320 movement speed, and 55 average damage. These numbers are somewhat unfair for the opposing team.

Bounty Hunter 7.28

After level 2 Jinada, most people choose to maximize Shuriken Toss. This is reasonable, especially for Bounty Hunter position 4, the role you do not fight directly in the combat. 375 magic damage isn’t a small amount: it deals 300 damage (after subtracting magic resist). In the early game, this usually accounts for 25% of the support’s health. Not to mention his ability to jump back and forth between tracked objects, Shuriken Toss can be useful in early game teamfights. That’s why players often prioritize leveling it over Jinada.

Finally, if you want to have a successful Bounty Hunter game, players are almost required to choose the +20 MS at level 10 talent. Bounty Hunter in 7.28 is agile by default, but with the additions of Talent from Talent, Track, and possibly Drum, the hero is almost impossible to chase.

Very Rare Of Bounty Hunter 7.28 Gameplay

Bounty Hunter 7.28

Finally, we’ll talk about what is considered the worst idea in high-tier games: DPS Bounty Hunter. It sounds good in theory, and it could be stronger later on thanks to the kit from BH, but overall it’s totally unworthy.

Bounty Hunter 7.28 have decent stats, but they are clearly not that great, especially in terms of Agility: heroes about 75% worse than Agility heroes in terms of AGI development. The guarantee of 200% crit is theoretically fine, but the first track can be dispelled by Manta, the second track is disabled by BKB, while the third track is dispelled by Minotaur’s Horn. Of course, the article is a bit overstated, but we can see that Track is an unreliable DPS boost.

Aghanim’s Scepter is also not a booster item. It tries to put the Bounty Hunter in the damage group, but it doesn’t fix any problems. Even if BH wins with a green stick, perhaps during that match, Bounty Hunter doesn’t need that item at all to win that game. Unless the team really lacks DPS, this is a very, very rare occurrence.