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Chen – How to play hero offlane position 3 – Dota 2 (Part 1)

Chen has a high win rate at Pub

Chen offlane has been around for a while and it’s not a new idea. But recently, it her is an offlane has extremely high win rates. In this article, we will analyze Chen offlane and see how to play it flexible.

Chen Offlane at Professional training

In the pro scene, “33” was the first person to guide the way Chen offlane position 3. “33” is a famous player for heroes specializing in microphones and no hero needs micro as much as Chen. “33” is also an offlane player so letting “33’ hold Chen in the offlane can be considered reasonable reason.

In recent matches, the Alliance played Chen at the MDL Chengdu Major. In the opening match of the group stage, “33” picked it for his team and they won that game. Next, Alliance also picked it in game 1 of the first round of playoffs, ALliance won that game and then TNC Predator had baned it first in the rest of the series.

It was then banned from the first ban/pick situation when the teams encountered Alliance for the remainder of the tournament before the Alliance was eliminated in the 3rd round losing bracket. It is a popular hero pick in the pro scene mainly as support. As we can, What Alliance and “33” have shown is that it can be an effective offlaner if he can play.

Chen in PUB

According to the metagame of the hero page of Dotabuff in the offlane role, Chen ranked No.1 in the win rate in the Immortal rank. The hero gains a 59.04% win with a pick ratio of 1.57%. In Ancient rank, Chen had a 54.28% win rate with a 0.61% pick rate, ranked 6th. Of course, these numbers players can also be interpreted as Chen playing in position 4 instead of 3, but if Chen is played at a support position is likely to support 5.

Have we ever seen a hero with a 59.04% win rate in any lane? This number is too high for Chen and it is found in it offlane. Therefore, this is something you should consider about this hero as well as the role of offlaner.

Advantages and disadvantages

Chen is a hero not for newbies because it is really not easy to play. It is almost useless from version 6.50 and earlier and is rarely seen in pub games and competitive games. When using Chen, if you don’t know how to gank support, never use this hero. It is a champion that requires the player to be sharp and quick in controlling creeps. And besides, players need to pay attention to the map to use global heal.

Chen’s strength is that he is a strong hero in the early game with a strong Neutral Creep. Pusher healthy, when combined with Neutral creep, has a good disabling ability. In addition, it can also help teammates escape from the Test of Faith and is also a good deal of damage skill if combined with Pentence. Pentence helps your teammates to gank well and helps Neutral deal more damage from slowing the enemy. After it got Scepter in 6.61, Ultimate has the 30s and is very strong.