July 30, 2021


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Dota 2 – How To Play Earthshaker In Mid Position



Tired of a dull, dull Earthshaker that only knows stun for teammates? This guide will show you how to play a mid lane the hero carrying an extremely powerful team, one-handed flying the world like EG. SumaiL.

How To Play Earthshaker – Advantages / Disadvantages



  • Burst damage very strong without giving the enemy a chance to react
  • One of the heroes with the longest stun capacity in Dota 2.
  • Extremely powerful crowd dispersing skills, the hard counter of heroes as well as a large number of squads (app, illusion, …)


  • Slowly (Aghanims Scepter must be able to turn into a muddy frog).
  • If it gets poked, it is extremely prison, 99% of it will have to change to a support style
  • Playing a carry style is easy to get reported.

Skill Table For Earthshaker


In terms of skills, maximized the Enchant totem from the start to take advantage of damage – this is the main damage deal skill of ES. Parallel to it is the Aftershock to ensure continuous stun for the opponent cannot breathe. Fissure only takes 1 point to stun, maxing it only costs more mana. Ultimate just getting the right level doesn’t hurt.

About Talent:

  • Lv10 takes +10 Strength, increasing health, and damage. Don’t think less, with 10 base damage when increased through the Enchant totem it will be 50.
  • Lv15 takes +50 damage, for hitting.
  • Lv20 takes +40 damage echo to Echo slam, increasing the ability to disperse the crowd.
  • Lv25 takes -2s of Enchant totem regeneration, helping you to stack damage/stun much faster.

How To Play Earthshaker

Early game

Tired of a dull, dull Earthshaker that only knows stun for teammates? This guide will show you how to play a mid lane Earthshaker carrying an extremely powerful team, one-handed flying the world like EG. SumaiL.

To maximize the power of this build, head to the mid lane for a bright tomorrow. Since your lane control skill is not much, the only thing you should do is the last hit, aggro creeps often, and keeps the distance. You should only be aggressive if you have a teammate who cares about it. Spamming the Enchant totem for last hits / denies is quite necessary, giving you a bit more farm, but using a bit of skill to get rid of mana.

This is the combo you use when your teammates go through the gank: Smash Enchant totem to get damage and go back and forth to wait for the chance, after your teammates open, hit the mid guy, stun Fissure and punch lightly another one, the next one is to add one more round of Enchant totem that has already cooldown. This allows you to stun the enemy for as long as possible in Early game plus up to 10x your hand damage if maxed out Enchant totem.

Since you look like an idiot without a Blink dagger, all you need to do is farm Blink to be able to rock the world. However, if you like, you can also stun the team a little in the early fights.

Mid game

After having Blink Dagger and maxing Enchant totem, you will officially receive the title “Killing 3000”, ready to bleed your hands. You always have to prepare yourself for an increase in damage Enchant totem before, let’s form this necessary habit because this is the factor that helps you to shock damage to death just in the notes. they cannot resist anything. After that, I was looking for a target. At first, the furniture was not much, then choose the ones with the big brain to make sure. Combo: Enchant totem (from before) -> Blink dagger / Shadow Blade -> smash -> Enchant totem -> beat -> Fissure -> punch -> Echo slam if needed.

Do not stick to farm for too long, take the initiative to find your target, make money = human life because you are only strong in the mid-game and late the power will be much reduced.

If in the stage of not finding a target, just go around farming a little compensation, remember that using any skill, also stand close to receiving more damage from Aftershock, then farm quickly. Combat arrived, I didn’t rush in first, looking at the beautiful location, the more enemies you stood in the crowd, the better you would fly in, Echo slam -> Enchant totem -> Fissure, catch as many enemy heroes as possible.

Late game


Pooling – Keeping buyback – Echo slam standard, that’s a rundown of late gameplay. As for solo hunting, you can still do it if needed or given the chance. Remember that when you move with Silver Edge carefully, you won’t be able to get close enough to support the enemy’s sentry.