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Dota 2 – How To Play Grimstroke As A Support



Different from all previously revealed heroes like Monkey King, Dark Willow, … just seconds after revealed that two new heroes, Mar and Grimstroke Valve, have released a new patch that brings this hero to Dota 2, causing a stir among the community. With a history of “only bringing new heroes into the game only after being revealed half a decade”, his appearance is a very surprising gift to players.

How To Play Grimstroke: Advantages / Disadvantages



  • Possesses many disable skills: slow, stun, silence, and chase the other two in one place.
  • Skill sets with low cooldowns are easy to spam.
  • Easy to farm.


  • Like other big names: lack of health.
  • Always the first one to get crushed when fighting even though he was hiding behind the team.
  • Mana is never enough.

Skill Table For Grimstroke


Get Ink Swell at level 1 to facilitate early game runes, then increase all 3 skills at level 3 and max skill 1 first to increase damage and reduce cooldowns to support damage (and easy to farm). After maximizing Stroke of Fate for Grimstroke, the other 2 skills can depend on the situation (raise the Ink Swell to easily escape because your face is very suggestive) Ultimate takes the correct level.

Talent can be added as follows:

  • Lv10: Free gold with +90 Gold / Min.
  • Lv15: + 12% Magic Damage in most situations because the Stroke of Fate is “buggy”.
  • Lv20: If your team is winning, increase +2 hits to kill Phantom’s Embrace’s ghost to bully the enemy team. If your team is losing, increase +600 range to Stroke of Fate for easy defense.
  • Lv25: For the Stroke of Fate error + 50% damage is obvious. Unless you’re true support choose +200 Ink Swell’s aoe range and stun the enemy team.

How To Play Grimstroke


Early game

First, take your teammates through the enemy team runes, with Ink Swell you can kill any guy trying to eat runes with large damage and long stun time at level 1 (max 220 damage and 2.2 seconds stun).

If you take runes, Grimstroke ‘s lane will be off the team’s offlaner with the main purpose of selling the first game to the enemy carry team. Spam Stroke of Fate and harras carry the enemy team, if the hand is short, the onion will be full of mouth, and if the arm is long, you will have to watch a bit of your standing position to put as much pressure on the enemy carry team as possible.

Have the Town Portal Scroll ready to backup and counter gank for other lanes, but your main task at the beginning of the game is still harassing the enemy team.

Once you reach level 6 and have the ultimate Soulbind you can start ganking with Mid or your team’s ganker. This is a very new and interesting skill, but also extremely influential.

Connecting two enemy heroes together means that during this time, if your team can keep one, the other will not be able to run (unless he has blink) and if your teammate is a hero with a skill set. specializing in targets like Lion is easy for double stun, double hex, and double Finger.

Mid game

Grimstroke goes bullying the enemy team with the team’s ganker to make room for the remaining core hero to farm important items. Vision control with Observer Ward and Sentry wards, ready to use the Town Portal Scroll to assist and flee when needed. You can also take advantage of Stroke of Fate’s excellent farming ability to mess and farm a bit in the enemy team’s jungle. Use the Ink Swell buff on a team’s initiator (like Ax or Centaur) to stun it after the player enters the fight.

Try to get important items like Aether Lens and Eul Scepter of Divinity to increase your effectiveness and increase your survival in the team fight (because your face is very suggestive, the enemy team will leave the other 4 heroes and chase you).

Late game

This is the time when you will shine the most of the game with top combat harassing skills with Soulbind and target skills like Phantom’s Embrace or Scythe of Vyse. Pay attention not to use Eul Scepter of Divinity around because instead of just disabling (saving) one enemy, it will become 2 enemies. Pay attention to choose your standing position, but with the skill set has quite a far range of use, this will not be difficult.

When initiating a team fight Grimstroke uses Soulbind on an enemy hero, preferably mid or carry, with a slow effect and bind the two heroes in one place, making it difficult to choose positions and create for your team.

Using the target disable (remember to dodge Eul Scepter of Divinity) on one of the 2 heroes hit by Soulbind to lock these two to help your team focus on important targets. Even without the skills or items to combine together, Soulbind is still very good at 45% slow for 10 seconds (if the link is added another name, the better).

Try to ensure visibility for your team to avoid leaving and standing in the back lines to take advantage of your harassing skill set. Its existence is a threat in teamfights with a nasty skill set with its short cooldown.

In a bad case like our core hero team is dead, the enemy team is pushing, Stroke of Fate is an effective tool in killing creeps and defending the high ground for time to revive your teammates.