July 30, 2021


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Dota 2 – How To Play Huskar As Ganker, Tanker, And Carry



A warrior who does not hesitate to put himself in danger to maximize his strength, using his own life as a weapon, Huskar is always a formidable enemy.

Guide To Play Huskar – Advantages / Disadvantages



  • Gank is extremely sure with the huge amount of damage inflicted at all stages (Life Break deals damage at% of new HP)
  • One of the scariest Tankers in Dota 2 with an Inner vitality that heals sick and Berserker blood gives magic resistance (of course requires items)
  • High-end attack speed, combined with Burning spear creates a huge amount of DPS crushing weak heroes


  • Requires to always be in low HP to strengthen -> very high risk
  • Being countered quite strongly by assassins using physical damage
  • In the late game, it is difficult to kill real carries again, because, by nature, it is just a semi carry
  • Depends on teammates, depends on furniture (items for Strength)

Skill Table For Huskar


Early in the game take a Burning spear to orb walk the enemy harass and stop at 2 points before level 6, then max Berserker blood first because this is the main brand of the hero, you need to get Inner vitality in before level 6 because this skill is like a streak (no matter how much mana you have, you can still use it to press the teleport), then it will be raised in parallel with the Burning spear. Life Break, after being re-edited many times, only need to take 1 point at level 6 and then max it out at last after applying points for other skills.

  • Talent lv10: It is a large amount of health of Huskar that makes up this brand of this hero, so we will build +175 health to live longer.
  • Talent lv15: Just follow the formula DAMAGE + ATTACK SPEED = CARRY, this hero can attack without damage, we just build +10 DPS of the Burning spear to penetrate. But it also depends on the direction you build the item if you don’t build the lifesteal line, take 15% of the lifesteal to save 1 lifesteal slot.
  • Talent lv20: take 15 Str for stiff, both perk resistant effects and strong
  • Talent lv25: Usually this will rush straight to the target for armor and so the +125 attack range looks very dumb. The suction quagmire needs to be pushed to the maximum at 0s to restore Inner vitality.

How To Play Huskar

Early game

The hero is a pretty risky choice to always have to deal with the enemy team in low health (almost all skills make his HP so bad) to make him a god, but that’s because he is one of the easiest heroes to feed in the hands of new players, not to mention being nerfed in recent times, causing the rampage’s pick to drop miserably.

Start off with a Safe lane (the long lanes on both sides) so that you are protected as much as possible (in theory if you don’t have 5 Core gaming). You will cry when this guy has crippled base damage, his last hits miss repeatedly, seeing the offlaner on the other side of the base damage is fine and he denies it all. Also okay, Huskar has the ability to squeeze a relatively good lane to create free space to farm, Burning spear harass was in the early stages with only 15HP a throw.

Leave it in non-auto-cast mode, which means you press this skill directly on the enemy hero so that the creeps won’t hit you You can gradually lane the enemy with the support of the supports pushing the enemy heroes with The lane is low, so you can farm a lot more easily. Avoid fighting before Life Break and Armlet of Morgiddian, these are two prerequisite tools for ganking and mid-game combat. If you do not have, you should still farm enough.

Mid game

With the fact that you will hit the most important guy in the team, it also means how much damage and control hit you in the face, while you need low HP to blow up, this is indeed one of the Heroes need a lot of items to stay strong, fortunately, these items are not too expensive and easy to build.

However, the skill set of Huskar that is only used for farming is a waste, so pick up your goods and join the team to weed the enemy team and make money from each falling life. Before entering a team fight, make sure you turn on Burning spear first (in the past, you didn’t let it automatically cast to use the skill directly, also called the orb walk), buff Inner vitality on the body, in the team fight for the most space then jumped in… support (don’t rush at the carry guys) and threw the Armlet of Morgiddian around.

Amazing attack speed + Burning spear causes powerful DPS stacks, kills supports with just a few throws, in a matter of seconds.

When you are chased or struggling, the armlet toggle trick is extremely beneficial: when your HP drops below 400 (armlet’s HP increase), quickly press the armlet button twice in a row between 2 shots attack/skill any of the enemy (will get harder when many enemies attack you at the same time), HP will drop to 1 in a split second and then back to 400 if you succeed, more than enough to pull 1 2 more children support to die together. However, the success rate is not much, it also depends on your luck and… your current ping.

Late game

With a decent amount of items, Huskar is an extremely difficult hero to beat in the late game. Inner vitality recovers HP based on the main attribute (his Strength is) and will quickly heal when the HP is low, of course with a lot of Strength building to deal enough damage to compensate for his regen is also 1 card math is difficult with his enemies.

Besides, his “stormy” attack speed also helps him suck a lot of HP through Satanic, this item can also be turned on to give him a spectacular death escape. His goal is to stay in combat for as long as possible, and of course, you are the primary target for them to focus. Wait for the Initiators to rush in first to initiate the fight, attracting the attention of the enemy team by jumping straight into the Carry.