July 30, 2021


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Dota 2 – How To Play Legion Commander In Solo Lane Position

Legion Commander

Legion Commander

As a female hero with ferocious gameplay, Legion Commander brings nightmares to the other side of the front line. Strengthened through each of the first matches, at a certain point, no one could stop her anger.

How To Play Legion Commander – Advantages / Disadvantages

Legion Commander


  • Hard to die
  • The lane control ability is very strong
  • Good resilience, rarely having to go home for regening
  • Difficult to be put pressure
  • Become stronger and stronger when coming to late game (in the condition of taking much Damage from Duel)


  • Industrious (a common feature of the big guys)
  • Depends a lot on Duel to increase strength later
  • The skill consumes a lot of mana
  • Always the target to be focused
  • She often gets dragged into the jungle to be a princess despite the strong laning ability

Skill Table For Legion Commander

Legion Commander

Of course, to go solo lane, you have to max out the Overwhelming Odds first to control the lane + harass the enemy, then raise the [Moment of Courage for maximum support for Duel, just get 1 point Press the Attack at the beginning of the game to remove the bad buff + the lane pillar is enough, Ulti get the right level.

About the talent we add as follows:

  • Talent lv10: can get talent to increase exp for LC to rush level faster in order to aim for a plus 40 dmg bonus for Duel, but feel this game is freaking easy, less than 25 has ended, then take 8 Str for hard
  • Talent lv15: Legion Commander ‘s main effect is that Duel should take attack speed to finish the opponent faster and enjoy damage, but if your team has too many balls or creeps then getting +50 Overwhelming Odds is also a reasonable choice.
  • Talent lv20: get the Moment of Courage% boost, don’t mind the movement speed when Blink dagger is the hero’s suppressing item.
  • Talent lv25: of course you can take the damage boost.

How To Play Legion Commander

Early game

When you are on a lane that you want to breathe easily, you just use the aggro creep trick to pull creeps back to you and farm easily, especially when going offlaner because here they harass me very enthusiastically. First of all, let’s take advantage of the last hit of which one or that one, wait until level 3 and farm Soul Ring, it’s not too late to count them with them.

Perform blood texture with Overwhelming Odds, this is also easy, you keep watching when many creeps drop, drop it so that you get more damage from the enemy hero, especially in the offlaner when they go 2 3 guys 1 lane, if the enemy is pulling the creep, just get in and give it a shot while getting hit by the creeps next to it, the jungle creeps and the hero make sure to have a lot of damage.

Moreover, with this skill buff, Legion Commander can easily kill anyone who dares to try to punch and stop, don’t worry about creeps hitting you, because they attack only make you click Moment of Courage. More than just, but remember to buff Press the Attack before fighting or to remove bad buffs if you get hit.

Although you can play aggressively due to the skillful skill set, you should also pay attention to the minimap often, pay attention to ping missing, this is for your benefit. But the laning is a bit of a pain, then stack a separate camp to compensate farm for a bit.

Mid game

Around level 8, you must have a Blink dagger and be ready to gank (Legion Commander is not a Hard Carry to farm like sick, she is a predator that gets stronger through Duels). When ganking makes sure that you have not been exposed, otherwise they will be prepared in time (support will teleport to different types), sometimes you should invest less Smoke of deceit to ensure a smooth “shoot speed” than. The combo is simple, Press the Attack in place, Blink dagger flies out, and Duel. Say it’s a duel but anyone can interfere, Meaning teammates and opponents can damage 2 participants (unless LC has Aghanims Scepter), and whoever is After the other guy finishes, the other guy always wins and gets damage. So if you rushed into Duel and they refused to hit with it, do not regret the number of reports in your week.

Do not rush into Duel in the following cases:

  • Don’t see the locations of Heroes capable of destroying your Duels easily (for example, you’ll fuck up with Dazzle’s Shallow grave, Winter Wyvern’s Cold embrace, Outworld Astral Imprisonment devourer…)
  • The team is also falling too deep, easily leading to you being outplayed and quickly giving damage to the enemy
  • The opponent has dangerous/annoying skills active (ex: Blackhole, Guardian angel, Freezing Field)
  • They are too powerful (especially when pushing the total, rush in to easily give damage). Let the other Initiators do this first.
  • Overwhelming Odds are very beneficial against crowds, with the ability to subtract HP percentage on illusion and summoned units, which can be used to farm, counter push, and deal strong damage in combat. It also gives you movement speed to chase the finish of your Duel friends

Late game

If you work hard to earn damage, now LC is holding nearly 150 Duel damage (if you need to weigh the enemy Networth team, this number is even 200, 250 …). Without Divine, the damage is huge, LC is one of the rare Heroes of the Overdamage type (that is, it doesn’t take too many damage items to have massive damage, similar to Sven or Tiny).

You can only need up to 3 4 hits to weed 1 Support in favorable conditions. Your goals at this stage can change, targeting nasty heroes, not necessarily Core, heroes with strong disables, strong spell damage, or good team protection.

In the case of the heavy Carry damage, Blade Mail is an extremely important item for “sure win” as well as finishing off the right arm of the enemy team (with the new update, it even penetrates magic defense. BKB). While the powers of the Core are showing signs of slowing down, the Legion Commander keeps increasing because she can take damage evenly like squeezing a lemon.