July 30, 2021


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Dota 2 – How To Play Lycan In The Carry -Jungler – Pusher Position



Lycan is one of the most extreme pushers in Dota2 with lots of bans in professional play.

Guide To Play Lycan – Advantages / Disadvantages



  • Easy to play, easy to win, outstanding farming ability
  • Superbusher with incredible speed, having been banned 100% in major tournaments
  • Paint the enemy with ferocious pet swarms
  • God of speed, turn to Shapeshift on to lose the only Charge of Darkness or Thirst multiple stacks
  • Cool appearance


  • To master is not easy because it has to control a lot of units
  • No ultimate makes it easy to die due to lack of mobility
  • Depends on items to overwhelm the enemy
  • The power loses a lot compared to the hard carry

Skill Table For Lycan


If you want Lycan to jungle first, at the beginning of game add Summon wolves, while in the lane, get Feral impulse to farm easily. Howl at early levels is not really necessary, you maximized Summon wolves and feral impulse then not late to raise Howl. Ultimate got the right level

  • Talent lv10: if you get money, 20 damage is equivalent to the 1k2 Broadsword, and 5 armor is only equal to the Chainmail 500, so of course you get +20 damage.
  • Talent lv15: taking 8 regens for the Feral impulse is too strong, no different than you and the pet get the heart of tarrasque bug version.
  • Talent lv20: taking + 8s of dog chemistry will be quite beneficial for you to run away, rat or even cause damage
  • Talent lv25: If you want to transform the mouse, the +3 wolves when summoned will help a lot and 600 health when Howl is big but with the ultimate speed of Ulti, probably not much health.

How To Play Lycan


Early game

Check the runes first, then you can go into the jungle or run to the lane farm.

If you are jungle from an early level, increase your Summon wolves and eat small or medium camp. Small camps are not too difficult, you can eat 2 times at 30 and 60 seconds of the match to level 2, while the medium camp encourages you to get golem (big health but small damage, much exp ), 4 Satyrs or Centaurs (in this field you need a little skill to be able to send the pups in and out to take damage for you in a few attacks).

When you reach level 2 onwards you will start jungle faster, but remember to buy a few Tango cards and Clarity’s jars to spend gradually before getting Vladmirs Offering. Also pay attention to the ping missing from your teammates or take the trouble to observe the map, because the jungle is no longer safe, if you don’t show your face, they will run into the jungle to destroy you. stop it. The beginning of the game is just that, followed by the mid-game stage.

Mid game

At this stage you should know the balance between farming and pushing, while combat is fine to join, it doesn’t matter if you don’t participate. Lycan ‘s power lies in her terrifying push, especially when equipped with Necronomicon. When pushing, your simple task is to release the wolf and the 2 wolves Necronomicon first, then use Howl to buff the collective damage and then drag it to the tower.

With short lanes (bots with Dire and top with Radiant) you can take down 2 turrets in less than 3 minutes if the opponent is negligent. Ultimate Shapeshift is a great tool to chase your target as well as runaway safely for him, so if there is nothing special, save this skill, when needed, use it.

If you have to participate in a teamfight, the best thing you need to do is choose a safe spot from the enemy near the fight area, release your pet and turn Shapeshift, then drag the crowd to jump in. fight to create surprise (because the Shapeshift sida has a 1.5-second delay to transform), hit fragile targets such as support, carry or nuker, and hit the tank, don’t hit the tank.

Late game

At this stage, you should consider pushing and participating in a teamfight. If you feel that you cannot contribute much to a teamfight, ask your teammates to drag you in a certain location, and you can go around the enemy (Lycan is too good at this). Remember, you are extremely dangerous to enemy buildings because his push speed is too terrible. Should accumulate 2k or more money in-person to facilitate buying back, and with the skill set recovered quite quickly, buying back does not affect too much on Lycan ‘s fighting ability. At this stage, you should switch to Boots of Travel to maximize your push ability, and based on the items you buy, use them appropriately.