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Dota 2: How to play Mirana 7.28, Items, Gameplay

Mirana 7.28

Patch 7.28 increases complexity and provides a new experience in Dota 2 with Aghanim’s Shard’s. Shard’s presence opens up many new strategies and builds. One of the strategies is to bring Mirana back to the core position. For a long time, Mirana is considered a support 4 that can support the team with a very good stun. However, with Shard’s presence, giving the hero an additional Leap charge and 1.5x crit damage for 2.5 seconds, Mirana can now play a core role. This article will guide you to play Mirana 7.28 core in pub.

Why pick Mirana 7.28 core?

Mirana 7.28

Mirana is an extremely versatile pick, can pick early in the draft, and play in many different situations. The mobility allows Mirana to survive and farm better than most super late melee carries. Not to mention, Mirana now has Aghanim’s Shard’s added to supplement damage and increased mobility thanks to extra charges. Thanks to that, she has many different playstyles and among them is Mirana 7.28 core.

This hero can play core with very high survivability, can play in the middle, as well as offlane and safe lane. Although not really a super late carry, Mirana’s strength lies in her ability to survive with Leap while supporting the team with the auxiliary stun, Sacred Arrow.

Mirana has become a more reliable pick thanks to her versatility in multiple locations on the map. The first is that the offlaner can be between a safe distance and a good farm. If you pick Mirana offlane, you should pick after two supports have been picked. Some heroes to watch out for are: Treant, Undying, and Winter Wyvern. Since Mirana has a lot of charge leaps, there is almost nothing these heroes can kick you out of the lane, while Mirana constantly eats last hits and harasses enemy carry from afar.

Building up items for Mirana 7.28

Mirana 7.28

Building up for Mirana 7.28 varies by game, but below is the order in general.

In most games, you will start the game with at least one Wraith Band, a Magic Wand, Power Treads mid, or Arcane Boots if you need more mana in the offlaner. From there, players often go to Maelstrom if they can safely farm and push the lane. In case the opponent has a spell that forces you to purge, then Manta Style is also an option.

It is up to you to pick up items after that, but we recommend buying Shard and trying to fight with your team, Maelstrom plus 1.5x crit will make Mirana 7.28 extremely strong. After Shard, you can go to Butterfly if you want to increase evasion, or upgrade Maelstrom to Mjollinr or Gliepnir depending on the situation.

Otherwise, Mage Slayer is fine if the capital team has a lot of magic damage. Remember, one of Mirana’s strengths is that the hero can pick up a variety of items depending on the game situation. Knowing which items to build in what circumstances requires practice and time.

Mirana’s engravings

Mirana 7.28

Although Mirana is an extremely versatile hero, the game still has some streaks so you should avoid picking this hero. Mirana’s features are mainly illusion heroes, due to Mirana’s lack of AoE damage outside of Starstorm.

According to Dotabuff, Mirana’s biggest counter-counterpart is Meepo (-2.78%), Chen (-2.30%), and Broodmother (-2.22%), all of these heroes swept Mirana out of the crowd, something Mirana 7.28 core could not handle. . Other groups of heroes to keep in mind are heroes with disables and burst damage abilities, like Tiny, Lion or Lina, or heroes that don’t fear Mirana’s damage due to being well, like Terrorblade or Lycan.