July 30, 2021


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Dota 2 – How To Play Morphling In Hard Carry And Nuker Position



Flexible, agile in both shape, gameplay, and build, Morphling can be a god of physical damage, a massive nuker, a disgusting tanker, and more … The strongest carry in the game when traveling with gear, he requires a variety of skills from the player to be effective, from farming skills to managing skill sets to suit the situation.

How To Play Morphling – Advantages / Disadvantages



  • Very strong late (when there are almost comprehensive items both manually and manually)
  • Both inflicts strong physical damage and extremely strong magic damage (something rare for any hero to own)
  • Varied gameplay (thanks to the ability to swap stats Morph, Replicate multi-purpose)
  • Farming is quite fast due to its massive damage and short Waveform cooldown


  • Depends a lot on items (in the build carry type), must have an item before paying attention to the following advantages
  • The skill consumes mana like water while Intelligence gain is low => Easy to fall into mana damage if used incorrectly
  • Depend on mana (need mana to change stats in the teamfight, use combo …) => Out of mana is 50% of the game
  • The use of Morph Agility Gain maximizes agility easily leads to too low health if there are not many items that are prone to shock damage and death without changing stats in time.
  • Eating Silence without changing stats is to turn off the electrode quickly (so you only need Black King Bar or Manta Style)

Skill Table For Morphling


Wave Form will be a tool that is maxed first to take damage and increase surfing range, to help you farm faster and better KS. Adaptive Strike will only be really strong when you have a large amount of Agility gear as well as provide Strength to maintain HP as you morph clean stats for Agility to take damage. Morph agility Gain/Morph Strength Gain is up next to help you survive ganks, as well as a longer pestle in 1v1 fights. Replicate takes 1 point at the beginning of the game to create a ball to escape, late-game will continue to take a longer duration to help you push the lanes for longer, as well as be used as an anti-carry skill if Carry The enemy team is also overpowered.


  • Lv10: Get 200 Mana: This is very important because Morphling ‘s Intelligence gain is very low, making your mana pool very frothy and difficult to maintain for the mana drinking skill like your water. Later, the furniture will also carry you the mana amount.
  • Lv15: take +25 attack speed.
  • Lv20: You can give Morp the movement speed because it runs like a turtle. But if you can cast the Boots of Travel to overrun the enemy then you should take damage
  • Lv25: Should take 50% damage for Replicate illusion, extremely beneficial against heavy carry in combat if you go the path of fighting with the whole team. Of course, if you play Pusher only, then get 400 Waveform surf range to help you escape when the enemy surprise attacks.

How To Play Morphling


Early game

Flexible, agile in both gameplay and crafting, Morphling can be both a god of physical damage, a great nuker, a disgusting tanker, and more … One of the strongest carry In the game while traveling with items, he requires many skills from the player to be effective, from farming skills to managing skill sets to suit the situation.

Since you’re a Carry, you have the choice of going to Triple Lane or mid, all of that. The best is Triple lane (safe lane) because you will be protected.

Animation in the last hit seems a bit uncomfortable but the bullet speed is fast so eating the creeps is not too difficult, equipping yourself with Ring of Aquila and Perseverance gives you a sufficient amount of damage + mana regen to spam Waveform clear creeps. Spend a little Morph Agility Gain for a little damage, but don’t use it too much otherwise you will evaporate very quickly if you are accidentally ganked as they take your STR and convert it to AGI.

Minimize fighting, unless you are really sure. Farming gold is not difficult, shooting each one takes a little blood, even if the whole flock of monsters is 1/4 of blood, then sweeping.

Mid game

You have Replicate, a very useful and versatile skill but I dare say 80% of new Morphling players will forget this ultimate (you want the ultimate to deal strong damage. like Juggernaut, PA, … Well, you just need to remember a few simple tips like this:

  • No matter how much farming, leaving 175 mana to use this skill (if you have created the ball, it only needs 150 mana)
  • You can only cast on heroes. In the first level is best used on teammates, it helps you to have an escape position when needed (teleport to the shadow with extra skills, don’t forget), a shadow to scout and a hard decoy like the original ( try to “deepen” to draw lots of enemy skills with this shadow)
  • You need to close the distance with a running enemy hero, use it on that hero and immediately fly to that shadow position (leaving just enough mana for a way back)
  • You confront the Carry overfarmed, do not hesitate to use Replicate on them, use the enemy’s strongest weapon to use against them. The 80% damage done compared to the original is a remarkable number, Morphling will always have an advantage when soloing with those Carrys.
  • At high levels, the effect of the ball will be longer, take advantage to create the ball on the high damage Hero to help you push the lane, split push clear monsters to earn gold. This also has the added benefit of being ganked you can completely return to the other clone’s position.

Late game

Finish the remaining Core items and play around. Morphling when the furniture is extremely difficult to stop (unless it was counter picked in the first place), confidently rush up and choose any target as a sandbag. Normally, the Ethereal Blade + Adaptive Strike + Waveform max AGI combo shotgun will cleanly evaporate any supports that come near, so use your nuke damage combo for fragile supports and use your base damage. You can board the enemy Tanker and Carry.