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Dota 2 – How To Play Omniknight In The Support Position



Omniknight is exemplary support in Dota2 with a set of skills that are purely about supporting teammates and the ability to overturn combat.

How To Play Omniknight – Advantages / Disadvantages



  • Easy to play, easy to win
  • Winrate each took the highest position in the dotabuff rankings
  • Support extremely strong purebred can flip the table team battles spectacularly
  • Def extremely strong with Guardian angel upgrading Aghanims Scepter
  • High appearance, manly voice standard man


  • Omniknight is short-range support, so it is easy to be killed
  • Always in mana deficiency due to poor mana pool
  • Need to get a core item (expensive) to maintain strength late otherwise, it will be quite hard
  • Strongly countered by skills, equipped with buff prize
  • The gameplay is quite boring

Skill Table For Omniknight


In terms of skills, you maximize Purification which you can use to deal damage, heal allies continuously, and is also Omniknight ‘s main defense skill in the Early to Mid period. Next up is Degen aura to the next max, which effectively restrains the enemy in case of retreat or ganks the enemy with disgusting slow AoE. Repel helps provide free BKB for core late game but only needs 1 point in the early stage to solve bad buffs. Ultimate of course taking the correct level.

About Talent:

  • At Lv10, you get +60 GPM to help you afford your life (buy wards, aura healing items, …), not too much gold even if you die a lot
  • Lv15 takes +8 Strength to improve your health when entering large battles.
  • Lv20 takes +6 Mana regen for more spamming (especially Purification). 100 damage? The number seems huge but is useless for support, so forget about it.
  • Lv25 takes +200 health regen for Purification to increase the ability to save teammates’ lives in late-game fights. However, if you are acting as the main tanker then consider taking the -16% slow for Degen aura which will make the opponent feel miserable when standing next to you.

How To Play Omniknight

Early game

So simply stand in the lane and support your carry to farm, sometimes have Purification and want to poke the enemy, just buff on any creeps that are near the enemy, or call your ally to take the initiative but buff (but don’t be too aggressive, mana, not water, with this game, will pull the enemy creeps in the lane, in many cases, it will cause your carry team to lose and the lane creeps you push higher), buff Repel for allies if they have control skills that are easy to fall into dangerous situations, watch the time to clear the runes correctly, earn some income every 2 minutes (meet the Bounty rune).

Omniknight ’s roaming ability is quite poor so it is not recommended to do this unless there is something else in another lane, use the Town portal scroll to provide timely assistance.

Mid game

This is the stage with other teammates, you start a gank in all aspects. Be available to support promptly. Repel buffs priority for critical targets the enemy often targets (usually Nuker and Carry), in some cases, it can be used to buff an initiator or a tank so that they can initiate fights, Purification buff for the guy who put a face to the blow (usually tankers, initiators rushing up the front line).

During a fight, when the enemy has run out of spell damage skills, Omniknight activates ultimate immediately to gain an advantage while keeping your allies safe (don’t strike when the enemy spam 1 stacks of magic damage). When you have added points to Degen aura, this skill slows down movement speed, also slows down attack speed, penetrates magic immunity, so anyone who is prone to hand damage and runs close to show love with it.

Don’t forget to plug the wards during this stage. Also, don’t forget to activate your active items during this period (Mekansm, Soul ring, and so on).

Late game


At this stage, you try to rush the core items as quickly as possible to maintain Omniknight ‘s strength in the late game. Your main job at the late game is to always be present with your teammates, keep eye contact to ensure visibility, and keep a distance from the team, why? Because you are so important, the enemy will often target you first in teamfights to deal with the thorn in the eye, so don’t show your face too much to show them to them. How to use the skill is as in the instructions in the mid-game, and don’t forget the items you bought to remain active during the battle.