July 28, 2021


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Dota 2 – How To Play Phoenix In The Position Support, Ganker



Phoenix, the Flame Phoenix, is one of the Heroes that have a very strong ability to deal damage over time and destroy the enemy lineup very effectively.

Guide To Play Phoenix – Advantages / Disadvantages



  • Set of skills to deal damage DPS (damage per second) terrorist, strong nuker
  • Hard to die with Supernova
  • Don’t need too many things
  • Obstructing enemies is annoying, slowing both attack speed and movement speed with Fire spirits and Icarus dive
  • Combat is extremely strong and super competitive if the team works well


  • The armor is low, making it difficult to tank without Supernova
  • The skillset uses direct HP, so it is necessary to consider not to have a blood blister that easily dies
  • Eggs are easily destroyed by enemy Heroes who have a high attack speed
  • Difficult to play, not for those with slow hands and poor reflexes

Skill Table For Phoenix


Icarus dive will get 1 point to make a means of moving to approach combat or escape quickly if up, it will only increase a little damage. Fire spirits and Sun ray are Phoenix ‘s two main weapons in defeating opponents. Fire spirits significantly hinder an opponent’s ability to fight, but Sun ray can quickly crush even the most bloody enemies by burning damage based on% health. Supernova got the right level.

About Talent:

  • Lv10 takes +175 HP, giving you a decent HP pool to ensure that you are not too weak after using up your skillset.
  • Lv15 takes +65 DPS for Fire spirits, which is extremely deprived, helping you to drop enemy HP quickly for carry to handle. Why not get +150 GPM? The simple answer is that Phoenix is ​​a hero that doesn’t need too much gear to make a big impact in teamfights, but you can take it if you want, easy gold.
  • Lv20 takes + 8% damage from the skill, the same as above. +10 Armor is a great number for support, helping you to improve endurance, why not? The answer is that Phoenix is ​​not a hero that rushes into the teamfight, but mostly stands away from the enemy’s health, and at most uses Supernova to attract enemy attacks. And the strength of the egg is of course not dependent on the amount of armor, but on the number of hits.
  • Lv25 takes +2 hits to destroy Supernova Sun, combined with Aghanim’s Scepter, it is true with 15 hits to break the egg, hardly any hero can break it in a short time even heroes with attack speed fast. Or you can take a + 1s stun for this skill when you complete the Phoenix regeneration from the egg.

How To Play Phoenix


Early game

Phoenix will start the game with a Support Triple lane, either mid or solo offlaner if not conditions. We’d best let it go support carry because its skillset can support the team very well. It has a bad start: Low on health and armor, the flight is slow despite having wings. Be careful because it is very easy to become an enemy’s first blood target.

The way to harass the opponent with it is not difficult. Release the Fire spirits and watch them perform the slow motion. Fire spirits do not stack damage against each other, so you should base 4 seconds 1 drop once, for every drop of the previous drop’s burning potency, you should replenish it, avoiding the possibility of releasing both at the same time.

In addition, the sparks of fire also fly slowly, and the enemy can also see it is gathering fire around him, you should make sure they standstill to let the enemy go or predict the path of the opponent, Ah and don’t think While you are flying with Icarus dive, you will be immortal, it can still take damage and stun if the enemy is quick (Invoker, Rubick)

Mid game

The hero has become more difficult to die before the Supernova egg, though at the first level it is as thin as a membrane and will attract enemy attacks. Make sure you have infused Fire spirits to slow their maximum attack speed before swooping into a battle. Supernova will turn off the power against fast attack heroes like Ursa, Troll warlord, Huskar, … and board players like Meepo. And it’s best not to initiate the teamfight first with an egg, turn an egg behind the tanker Hero or when most of the enemy team is being held back by wide control skills.

Sun ray seems very difficult to use for those who are new to Phoenix for the first time. Of course, once you have determined to hold it, you determine that you are holding a difficult Hero, perhaps you have to go through a few dozen demos to use the skill. Sun ray has two sub-skills, one that helps it drift along the spark to kill the enemy, and a skill that stops the sparks from burning his own health.

When drifting along with sparks Pheonix has the ability to fly across the terrain, every time it changes direction, the spark changes direction, although the speed of change is very slow and the enemy can swing to deflect to avoid it. In addition to being used to deal damage until late game, Sun ray can be used to escape due to its ability to fly over hills, jammed terrain, and use uninterrupted teleport.

Late game

Phoenix ’s combo in this stage is no different from the Mid game stage, but the Carry has finished farming and possesses quite a large attack speed, if captured, the egg will not solve the problem. Leave the eggs for the next teamfight. Do not try to farm anymore, do not let the top items of the guide fool you, use gold to buyback to support the team or eat reports. With the right teamwork and combat, you will soon achieve victory.