July 30, 2021


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Dota 2 – How To Play Shadow Shaman In Solo Mid Lane

Shadow Shaman

Shadow Shaman

Shadow Shaman (also referred to as SS) is one of the heroes with many of the best single-target disables skills in Dota and super push ability.

How To Play Shadow Shaman – Advantages / Disadvantages

Shadow Shaman


  • Very strong hand damage after version 7.00
  • More great skill damage
  • Nuker, ganker or pusher did it all well
  • Having the longest single-target disable skill set in the game
  • If there are enough items, late-game can still ensure strength


  • Short attack-range
  • Lack of health
  • Poor mobility, easy to be ganked
  • The skill consumes a lot of mana
  • All items build is expensive

Skills Table of Shadow Shaman

Shadow Shaman

Ether shock will be maxed first to take damage, 2 skills Shackles and Hex take 1 point at the beginning of the game and raise the next Hex max (due to binding is a chanting skill so it’s easy to be destroyed, priority Raise Hex), finally lift his tie, ultimate gets at the correct level

We add talent as follows:

  • Talent lv10: if you are in the type of battle, 200 health will make the Shadow Shaman stiffer, otherwise, get 20% more XP because the level is also an important factor to shorten the game before things exceed. under your control.
  • Talent lv15: -4s CD Hex is also worth considering, especially when you soon rush to get Blink Dagger, but when your team is hard at work for money and exp, you can get 100 skill cast ranges, Very good with Aethe Lens
  • Talent lv20: If you can ensure the effectiveness of the push, 3s for Shackles will help you lock the enemy to death.
  • Talent lv25: 400 damage to Ether shock will turn you into a Lion with Aghanims Scepter version 2, however, 60 damage to the snake will help you push quickly -> RAT DOTO BEST DOTO. Please consider depending on how the game plays out.

How To Play Shadow Shaman

Shadow Shaman

Early game

At the beginning of the game, as usual, the runes check the goods, if there is nothing special, go back to the lane, but if your teammates ask you to steal the runes, just yolo, with the first 2.5s tie, it’s easy to take FB.

Laning hard, last hit/denied, makes money to cover the life, because of the big damage, the last hit / denied is very simple (if you keep farming, you should check your abilities). For a long time, the mana balance can shock Ether to clear the enemy creeps and harass the enemy, but note one thing is that the cast range of this ability is quite short, but the recoil is much farther, look at the target number to get spread. with 100% accuracy on the other hero being hit, that’s fine. There was a chance that they should call the guys to roam out mid often because SS has 2 disables so it’s easy to get kills

One more thing is that due to the reduction of attack range to 400 and attack speed, Shadow Shaman cannot “swap skills” with hand damage, especially when meeting mid laners with attack range greater than 400 (most of them only 500, 600), and since the armor is leper, don’t try to punch the creeps with it, creep bites are very painful.

Just do as instructed, then when you reach level 6, start taking out the enemy mid-tower. Before taking a turret, make sure your mana bar still has enough ability to shock clear creeps, plug solid stakes, and use Hex to save your life if there is something happen.

Mid game

At this point, the duration for ganking/push will be 80% and competitive farming is 20% because his Ulti only takes 2 minutes of cooldown and the rest of the moves are pretty fast so just make sure to go mana. Just gank. Always have a ready-made Town portal scroll to flip lanes when needed

We have listed all the tips & tricks for Shadow Shaman:

You can lock the enemy in a solid pile by using Hex, you do this better with Eul’s Scepter of Divinity

The combo catches and finishes a common target in SS that is Hex, plugs a Mass serpent ward, steals Ether shock, and binds Shackles to the stake (if you are quick), no strings attached, then shock the Ether shock again. again. Otherwise, just Hex (2), snake plug, tie, and finally the electric shock ends.

Activation of Phase Boots will help you, your ally or your opponent run through solid stakes

When placing the push piles, you should place them on either side of the pillar or behind the tower, so your stakes can both clear the enemy creep team coming out from the base quickly while still ensuring the push, moreover like As a hero, the enemy will be afraid to step up due to the presence of stakes in that position.

When pushing on the inner turret and the racks, you should place the stakes in the middle of the 2 racks, because then, when lowering in the turret, the stakes still have enough room to hit the racks and the auxiliary buildings inside, be careful not to plug in Down the hill because the pile will have a missed rate.

Late game

At the end of the game, if you play this way you can act as a rat-player or go with team combat, but if there is nothing special, just go with the team. If you want to be a very good player, first of all, you have to tell the vision so that you do not fall under the crate, and above all, if there is a single person defending the house without owning the Black King Bar, you will die, especially when you can buy Octarine. Core, ensuring electric shock, chicken turning, restraining the enemy forever, and never returning to be human.

Combat broke out, Shadow Shaman just waits for the initiator to come in first, then go up and put a solid stake in a great place (you can use a Blink dagger to fly to the backline to catch the enemy), reasonable disable coordination (good Priority is given to nuker, carry first)