July 30, 2021


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Dota 2 – How to play Sniper: “IT HIGH NOON !!!”



Continuing the guide series, this time we will go to Sniper Aghanim’s Scepter: IT’S HIGH NOON.

How To Play Sniper – Advantages / Disadvantages



  • Long-range, stoned extremely safe
  • Extremely annoying when laning due to Shrapnel lane control extremely strong
  • The late-game can shoot enemy teams in unbelievable positions
  • Cosplay McCree with “It’s High Noon” millimeter quality


  • Maneuverability is completely unavailable, easily to die if not guaranteed
  • Don’t know how to keep your position in the teamfight and evaporate quickly
  • Need to farm a lot of furniture, but all expensive items
  • Depends heavily on the team during the entire match
  • Style super-fiber, easy to report (recommended to play with friends)

Skills Table For Sniper


Shrapnel is the main lane control skill and also the main source of Sniper damage from early to the mid-game so it will be maxed first. We took 2 Take aim points at first to make it easier for the lane, then to lv8, we took points for Headshot because Sniper started to use more hands now. After maxing Headshot, raise Take aim, ultimate take right level

About the talent we add as follows:

Talent lv10: simply take the dmg to shoot for pain, later call “high noon” to clearly identify it. 15% cooldown reduction is also quite valuable if your team is stuck until the late game, combined with a 1.5s reduction for Ulti, every 7 seconds a flash high noon must know

Talent lv15: if you like the type of stone that inflicts dmg, then get a bonus 25 dmg for Shrapnel, making sure the enemy is extremely miserable while standing in your rain shit. And if you like the half-season farmer, then speed up the fight

Talent lv20: yes, of course, play style get high, you have to take cooldown reduction for Ulti instead

Talent Lv25: Get 6 extra charges for Shrapnel for easy def / push, and when you have enough attack speed and quite equipped to take advantage of the vegetarian attack, take 125 hit range

How To Play Sniper

Early game

Before playing in this style, you should not pick Sniper when you meet the following categories: Spirit Breaker, Specter, Phantom Assassin, Vengeful Spirit, if you keep fighting, don’t be like “wetting your bed”, I don’t You don’t accept responsibility.

The sniper in this build can go mid or safe lane but encourage you to go mid to optimize farm and level.

Just work hard last hit/denied. With the advantage of long arms and bullet speed like rockets, you can completely last hit even though the damage is a bit small, just shoot a few creeps a few hits to be able to kill the victim, At the same time, when familiar with the operation, it can be denied a lot of creeps. If sida is too much, then a wave of at least you have to eat 2 3 children to ensure the money.

Shrapnel has a strong lane control, but it has a fairly long cooldown time for each charge (up to 55 seconds), so if you do, always keep 1 charge in case there’s a variable. How to use this skill is also quite easy: spread Shrapnel on the creep away to stick to the other hero, make sure the boy does not dare to farm because Shrapnel’s damage is quite painful, especially from lv2 onwards.

Do not spam on short-handed creeps because you will indirectly push the lane up, giving the roamer an opportunity to inquire about health. The remaining charge is used to stop the enemy when being ganked or spread the enemy to follow the shot when you are ganked.

Mid game


At this stage, you should redistribute your time, about 70% of the farm and 30% of teamfighting is best. The farm does not need to say more, just ask the guys to plug eyes to ensure visibility, both farm, and glance at the minimap regularly to make sure the guy is not being stalked.

When a fight occurs, first spread the Shrapnel to cause damage and hinder the enemy, then just run and shoot but do not right-click the hero and let it hit automatically, so it looks very stupid and you easily Stopped when the enemy crew drove into the luxuriant trees. Shrapnel is also used to scan the map because it gives a bit of visibility when scattered, which you can take advantage of to get visibility on high ground, especially when your team pushes high ground. Ultimate Assassinate for scooping up the network. With 320 dmg damage at lv1 minus 25% magic resistance, you will cause 240 dmg on enemy heroes, that is, nearly 1 bar of health (1 line is 250 health), pay attention to this to shoot for the right to miss anorexia. , similar to lv2 and lv3 milestones minus that magic resistance is 363.75 / 487.5 dmg.

Later, when Aghanims Scepter is available, the Ulti will cause physical damage, so it is not calculated in this way (never mind, do not care about the distortion, a bit of bombing weighs all.

With the talent regaining mana every second, you can discharge 1 wave of ulti before a teamfight to fix the opponent’s blood, then spread Shrapnel types in the teamfight, then finish the combat with a flash of Assassinate grace, ensuring the damage is not small at all. It is important for you to keep your position in the teamfight.

Late game

At the end of the game, it’s time to shine like a god (or waste like an idiot). How to participate in combat. Dragging late-game Sniper can destroy the backline enemies thanks to the HIGH NOON style, especially the weak sup weak armor, make sure to take 1 shot of HIGH NOON without dying and be injured to drag your ass back.

And if they buy items like Euls Scepter of Divinity or Ghost scepter, then with a 10s cooldown (talent is 7.5s) at level 3 of the skill, you can completely give them blink for the fight. Life is more interesting.

Now that you’ve got tons of damage, it’s important to check your enemies now. If you see them closing 1 at 3 4 the Mail Mail you are determined to rush right Euls Scepter of Divinity always, just to keep yourself safe and let them play it right away

Saving in the range of 2k or more money to buy back when needed.