July 31, 2021


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Dota 2 – How To Play Sven To Blow Enemy’s Mind



With a new style, Sven has returned to the super-slash build with a powerful force that destroys the enemy.

How To Play Sven – Advantages / Disadvantages



  • The nature of the buffalo and dog is available so it is difficult to die
  • Dmg high starting, easy to hit last hit/denied
  • Farm extremely fast, the team needs a very strong team thanks to Great Cleave and God Strength
  • The construction of the guide is extremely humane, helping the enemy to leave quickly without causing too much pain


  • Lack of mobility, just like a sandbag
  • Need to farm a lot of items
  • Affected by powerful disable and disarm skills

Skills Table For Sven


Great Cleave is Sven ‘s main farming tool, so it will be maximized first. Storm Hammer will get 1 point at level 1 for disabling and being maxed up last in this build because we do not need too much damage from this skill. The next max is Warcry to increase his maneuverability, and when farming large camp camps, this skill helps him clean the camp very easily without spending too much blood due to the bonus of tons of armor. Ultimately get the right level

About the talent we add as follows:

  • Talent lv10: get 6 Str for a bit more buffalo, but if you are asked too much health during this period, you should take +225 mana to bem Storm Hammer to launch the mouth of any liar who dared to make a deal with you.
  • Talent lv15: his core item is a Blink dagger, additional speed bonus from Warcry so 20 runs are superfluous, take straight +8 Stats, the reason is also to harden
  • Talent lv20: no need to dodge like a coward, take attack speed to beat the enemy
  • Talent lv25: you don’t need to nuker, get +65 dmg to defeat the enemy

How To Play Sven

Early game

You should start by going with the Support to help you farm and be better protected.

Sven will not have as much difficulty in farming as other short-handed Carry. High HP and high armor help you reduce the worry of bleeding, while high Base damage will help you last hit/deny harder to slip. Of course, with the Great Cleave, you can push the creep up quite high, but thanks to the Support pull creeps in the roadside forests will help the lane height be balanced again.

In addition, Great Cleave has a range of about 3 points that will be extremely painful if the enemy melee dares to approach, sometimes it is close to the last hit so you change the slashing position so that the enemy is in the cleave fan part is okay.

While farming in the lane, ask your support stack camp for a few yards, or if you meet SEA’s typical then you should buy Helm of Dominator to win a creep to stack camp, prioritize the Ancient camp in the Shrine for Shrine This brings a huge amount of money and exp, is right next to the Shrine so it’s convenient for you to regen always.

Mid game

At this point, you still need to farm a little while longer to have the opportunity to fight. First, you go shopping for Mask of Madness first, then we will go clear camp

Before eating large campers, you should ensure visibility at the entrance to the forest with you first because during the camp eating is when Sven is most at risk because the blood will be pulled down by creeps quickly

Fighting early? Nothing hard. Stand outside howling Warcry and God Strength first, find a nice stun drop position, Blink dagger and throw Storm Hammer, turn on the Mask of Madness. He should start the teamfight first because he has a stun as well as a Blink dagger that helps create a significant teamfight advantage, along with Warcry that significantly blocks the amount of input damage. But if you encounter an annoying enemy team, let the initiator go first and then come in later

Late game


Late Game is the stage for Sven to shine. Terrible farm volume will help him have a significant amount of items, creating the power of the famous “knight fan rolls”. He is one of the heroes with the highest physical damage of Dota 2 with God Strength will fan the enemy squad in a flash If you really need to be careful, in order to make sure the opponent will die without responding, the main item in this stage is the Echo Saber, the remaining thing as mentioned before is to choose the slashing angle for It’s beautiful, I don’t need to slash a lot, just a few cuts, but the quality is like

If you have heroes who initiate stronger team fights (Slardar, Magnus, Enigma, …) then let these heroes break the enemy team so you can choose the slashing position for effective damage. is the highest. You may not know: The easiest rampage duo is Sven + Magnus