July 27, 2021


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Dota 2 – How To Play Wraith King In A Tough Leech Style

YOLO is never enough when you can live “live twice, live thrice” with super Cancer build for Wraith King.

How To Play Wraith King – Advantages / Disadvantages

Wraith King


  • Strong and hardly dead
  • Causing extreme inhibition to the enemy team when wasting tons of skills without gaining anything
  • Stinky build can help himself and his team mess up causing frustration
  • The longer you live in a teamfight, the more disadvantage for the enemy team


  • Sandbag build a way for people to punch, ability to deal poor damage compared to normal build
  • Only get tough life thanks to skills and items while still having mana, meet the ingredients that burn mana before level 25 then go with knees
  • Furniture is quite expensive compared to the Wraith King farm slowass

Skills Table For Wraith King

Wraith King

For not taking jungle but going offlane, just max Wraithfire Blast to get the damage, just 1 point [sk vanpiric-aura] and Mortal strike early game is enough. After maxing out the bricks, depending on the situation of the game, the skill will be improved. If my team can take advantage of the vegetarian attack, then max Vampiric aura sub-team, otherwise max Mortal strike 2nd.

About the talent we add as follows:

  • Talent lv10: get 10 Int to improve intelligence, just to spam skills better and just have a little extra mana and click ultimate
  • Talent lv15: with a Blink dagger core item, we can skip running speed, get 50 dmg per second for Wraithfire Blast bem for pleasure
  • Talent lv20: can take burst speed to burst damage by running vegetarian, but if you don’t like it, always draw a 10% bonus to suck blood to “protect” the team
  • Talent lv25: if meeting an opponent playing mana then the Reincarnation talent score without wasting mana is a perfect lifesaver, and if you encounter the remaining case then the guy will add that point.

How To Play Wraith King

Early game

At the beginning of the game, I checked out the rune, I finished the lane. And should choose offlane to go

With the level of available buffalo and good regen ability, Wraith King can take the lane quite easily. The big base dmg and Quelling blade help him last hit not much difficulty, but even if life is difficult, you can go into the woods with the offlane to eat a few creeps and then go out to the lane to breathe exp. double work

Farming is your main job at this stage, with the consumption of 140 mana, Wraithfire Blast is not a skill for you to use indiscriminately, it is best to use it when the support of teammates to defeat knocking the opponent down or at least finishing the attack will also cause the victim to drop the whole blood and force them to regen. WK is a hero with 3 passive skills so his play is also extremely simple, it’s stun and tight guillotine.

Try to complete the Hand of Midas as soon as possible to accelerate your farm and level.

Mid game

Once you have a few basic items, especially when buying a Blink dagger, the speed of reversing to farm and jungle lanes and your fighting ability is increased. Always keep the Town portal scroll ready to go lick elsewhere when needed, but also to give you a little extra income. If there are no variables, just stand and continue to farm the mother, life farm lane and then jungle, farm note the Radiance and then properly step out to talk to the enemy hero

There is one thing that is extremely important to note at this stage, that is, pay attention to your mana. Normally, Wraith King only throws Wraithfire Blast once in a teamfight, mana has already reached the alarm threshold, so don’t have any indiscriminate spam, save mana to activate Reincarnation when needed. After using Reincarnation, you can spam comfortably (the Ulti is the cooldown, what else is there to lose).

Late game

Wraith King

At the end of the game, you should go with the team is moderate, because at this time you have a very important role of carrying: both tank buffalo, have big damage and also have 2 lives, moreover when you are in the process of reviving, you leave a very annoying wide-area aura slow (if you get the level 25 talent bem Wraithfire Blast). Priority targets during this period are physiologically weak.

Wraith King can throw the stun into the enemy initiator’s face to prevent them from opening the fight if possible. Also, just look at how much mana you have to revive and then right-click on the enemy. The longer the WK lives in a teamfight with this build, the warier the enemy is, the enemies that own Blink dagger to approach the fight forever will not touch the back of your team.

Note that while in ghost form, although you cannot die in 7 seconds, the enemy can still hit you, still get the skill effect with the attack as usual so if you buy [i divine-rapier], note that This is to select the angle at which the telephoto holds the holy sword.