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Dota 2: Identity of Arkosh Gaming player possibly leaked

Arkosh Gaming

Thanks to the anonymous identity of the roster, Arkosh Gaming has become one of Dota 2 most interesting squads. 

Arkosh Gaming

But Beyond the Summit may have slipped when it comes to that secrecy as it seems to have leaked that one of the Arkosh player is actually the former pro player Brian “BSJ” Canavan.

During the game of Arkosh against Simply TOOBASED, one of the casters apparently let it slip when he made a call and caught himself short of actually naming BSJ, by saying, “Oh my god, BS…wait.” He trails off before his co host picks up and starts analyzing the game.

The estimated name drop follows extended rumors that BSJ has been part of the Dota 2 team. Although there have been swirling rumors as to who plays on the team, BSJ has been the most consistent member of the team.

Possible accidental disclosure is a bit of a problem for Arkosh Gaming. The team was one of the leading organizations involved in the North American Dota Pro Circuit Leagues, with the puzzle behind the lineup being a big part of it. While this is the closest fans got, there have been a lot of rumors about the lineup behind the team in the past.

Who is on Arkosh Gaming?

A long list of names has been widely speculated to be in Arkosh Gaming in addition to BSJ. Theories typically include a mix of pro players and former pros who are currently working as casters and analysts.

Several of the early theories involved casters BSJ, Austin “Capitalist” Walsh, and Andrew “Jenkins” Jenkins alongside pros Jason “Newsham” Newsham and Shaggy. 

Recently, Dota 2 fans have theorized that Ioannis “Fogged” Loucas and Kevin “Purge” Godec may be involved in Arkosh. In one of the wilder talk points, fans speculated that Fogged and BSJ had faked their recent visa troubles in order to continue competing stateside under the Arkosh banner.

Why is controversial?

Arkosh Gaming is a new concept in sports, but the team has been a constant subject of controversy. The team’s invitation to BTS Pro Series Season 4 ahead of the other more proven teams was hugely shocking. 

It only worsened when Jake “SirActionSlacks” Kanner effectively reneged after betting the spot in the event on the results of a show match with a team led by Lucas “Luki Luki” Shanks. 

This was followed by competitive credibility questions about Arkosh hiding the identity of the team while everyone else was on the record.