July 30, 2021


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Dota 2 – Instructions On How To Play Lich In The Carry Position



Lich is often known as a Support that can both protect teammates and can do great damage in battles. However, times have to change, with the arrival of version 7.00, he has added a very powerful Talent. At level 20 he gives himself +150 damage equal to half the Divine Rapier, at level 25 he gains himself an Eye of Skadi free thanks to his attack slow. I don’t know what the developer’s intentions are, but this move is one of the most potential starting points to turn him into a premium Carry just like the Carry now.

How To Play Lich – Advantages / Disadvantages



  • The disgusting slow-motion skill set makes it difficult for heroes with poor mobility
  • Ice armor buffs help maintain the durability of yourself and your team in fights, house pushes … and can even be used on buildings to defend
  • Chain frost does huge damage in teamfights if the right time is chosen
  • Level 20 Talent plus a huge amount of damage helps a lot if you want to change to a style semi carry or pure carry
  • Farm EXP is good even in the beginning with Sacrifice


  • Health is too thin due to the low Strength gain
  • No escape skills
  • The skillset has no control, is quite easy to miss
  • Poor animation, slow attack speed, if you want to be a carry, you must be persistent and brave, especially have a thick face to mute all your teammates

Skill Table For Lich


In terms of skills, we only need to get exactly 1 Frost Blast to slow the enemy in the early stage because we don’t use magic damage in the carry build, not to mention the higher the level, the more mana cost. Next, maxed Sacrifice to reduce cooldown because this is a skill that helps you farm EXP very quickly combined with Hand of Midas to rush level 20. Ice armor will be next up to help you withstand the enemy’s attacks. like to protect teammates. Ultimate getting the right level, assisting you in fighting with many enemies at the same time.

About Talent:

  • Lv10 takes +175 health because Lich ‘s HP is very sida, the blood must be buffalo a little to confidently fight, ok?
  • Lv15 takes +120 damage, this is his worth of points to be able to carry
  • Lv20 for +120 gold/min because if you are a true carry, you need to cast skill on your opponent, just right-click to kill people
  • Lv25 takes slow AS, MS for attacks, is the last factor in this building type

How To Play The Lich


Early game

Lich can go any lane you like, you can go solo mid to level up quickly, or go safe lane farm to compete with the offlane. It is important that you rush to level 20 as quickly as possible. Hard to last hits, avoid unnecessary collisions and blood rafts because you don’t have equipment or Talent at this moment.

Sacrifice helps you to get selfish EXP, as long as you do it without a fellow hero nearby, you will eat the full EXP of that creep. Seeing that our creep team is up, then go back, choose the ranged creep, 90 EXP per one. If you maxed Sacrifice, you will be sure to eat a ranged creep in any wave creep, one thing is three things: just get more EXP to level up while pushing the lane low to help you farm safely, the enemy will also be experience drops because of the constant lack of monsters.

Mid game

Farm until you get the Hand of Midas and some Ice Armor points you can fall into the jungle or roam to other lanes to farm. The sound of playing style is a bit “broken game”, you also have to pay attention, give them land to farm to pull the whole team up together. With the combination of both Sacrifice and Hand of Midas, your EXP / min must be called to the moon, as long as you continuously eat monsters in this form without rest.

If there is a fight, the Lich combo in this build is no different, just slow down the guy you hit, after buffing the Ice armor and punching it, it looks like it’s about to miss, then throw the Chain frost away from regret. If you accidentally get ganked, just calmly throw the Chain frost and hope that the ice ball knows the right person in the right place, well, you can double or even triple kill. Anyway, the task of rushing level 20 to get Talent is still the most important.

Finally, if you work hard to farm EXP, you will also have a result of level 20 at least 25 minutes onwards (that is fast maxing if you do not die). After closing the Talent +150 damage, go with the team to avoid farming anymore. The armor buffs steadily for both the team and himself, in a teamfight whenever the guy appears first, he punches it no matter the target. If you’ve built a Blink dagger or Shadow Blade, choose long-range support or carry targets with no escape skills. When the enemies get together, throw the Chain frost without praise.

Late game

If you work hard to farm both EXP and gold, the fact that you have items and Level 25 Talent slow is off the table. Now that Lich is one of the main damage dealers, you should know how to stand a bit, do not get caught too soon, otherwise, the team will suffer a lot. No need to know how to fight, fighting is to drop the Chain frost without praise, buff your ice armor and shoot. Shoot, shoot and shoot, it runs, then keeps Frost Blast from running. If we were approached, it would be useless to run because this child has nothing to run, just dry. Remember to farm a little more gold to buy back, then push or fight, don’t mind.