July 30, 2021


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Dota 2 – Instructions To Play Dark Willow In The Position Of Roam Gank

Dark Willow

Dark Willow

Right from the start, it has promised a lot of prospects and can be played in many different positions. Dark Willow is one of the rare heroes of the newly-released Ice Frog.

How To Play Dark Willow – Advantages / Disadvantages

Dark Willow


  • Possesses a lot of disables: root, stun, fear (this child is an offspring of Ebola Spirit)
  • Skill damage is quite “bug”
  • Varied gameplay, can just go roam gank, just can be a nuker, disabler, even …. carry


  • Like most big brains: LACK OF HEALTH
  • A skill that consumes mana like water
  • Despite having tons of disables, it is difficult to use effectively because of the delay in casting
  • Russian voice is extremely sexy

Skills Table For Dark Willow

Dark Willow

At the first 2 levels, we took Bramble Maze and Curse Crown to disable disables for ganking roams, then maxed Shadow Realm first to reduce cooldown and dmg to defend (or ks always if possible, roamer life I can’t farm the mother), after raising the realm max, increase the points for the remaining 2 skills you like (should prioritize Bramble Maze because the AoE to the father) ultimately get the right level

Ultimate skill comes with Bedlam

About the talent we add as follows:

  • Talent lv10: do not build roulette or carry, take 125 cast range to discharge the skill further
  • Talent lv15: the life of a bride will never be farmed, so taking 90 gold/minute to survive months of hardships
  • Talent lv20: the game standing far away from discharging skills does not need to draw blood to do anything, get 300 dmg Shadow Realm and beat for pleasure
  • Talent lv25: 200 attack speed smells attractive to the soul. If the game lasts until this point, item items rich money, then you have to take 200 attacks completely to become the carry version error. But if you are a serious young man, just take the remaining points.

How To Play Dark Willow

Early game

First check out the rune, after finishing somewhere, go back to the lane or go roam. Which is better for you to breathe level 2 to roam for sure

Willow can distribute the skill as follows: put Bramble Maze to block the enemy line (the range is far away from the cast), so that the enemy takes time when they have to move around to avoid the bondage strings, then run to throw curse Crown in the face of the guy who needs steaming, along with that retard lane, rushes to kill the ill victim. This method is quite common, but having some fast-moving ones is not very effective and is often broken by creeps (because maze also affects creeps).

The second way is more rugged but has to be quite tiring: run to use the Curse Crown first, wait until the opponent stun, put Bramble Maze tied (the way mentioned above), and so on. Bramble Maze is very powerful when fighting in tight places, forests, bottlenecks (places up and down the high ground), take advantage of this.

Shadow Realm is a skill that deals lots of damage, you can use to pull the enemy’s blood or finish when the target tends to run away, to know if this skill causes max damage or not, you don’t necessarily have to ” count the time, “just see the exclamation mark on the head and know max dmg already, bem always go. But the other pretty good function of this skill is to dodge flying objects flying to your pretty Russian Elf face, watch me if you break it or you’ll break your mouth.

Roam gank enthusiastically to earn extra illicit income, all for your 25MMR

Mid game

At this stage, just swing the ganker team that your friends play. The goal in this stage has not changed: Ganking hard to core our hero team has more time to farm important items. Continue to control your vision with Observer wards and Sentry wards, always ready to have some Town portal scrolls to turn lanes or flee when there’s a turn

After reaching level 6, you have 2 very important skills that are Bedlam and Terrorize. Bedlam deals a lot of damage when used, but it is FUCKING RANDOM TARGET so it is only effective when ganking odd or when someone wants to close his gossip in team fights, moreover its influence quite small should force Willow to hang on to cause a lot of damage (she is so thin but she also has to swing with the body, poor soul). In general, this skill is quite similar to Gyrocopter’s Rocket barrage: early and mid-game strong, late pull. Make the most of the early and mid-game, when the enemy is not much stick and use

And Terrorize, this is a very strong teamfighting skill. Assuming the enemy team smoke gank very methodically, facing your team but leaving you, your job is to bem the debt of this debt to the other hordes of aggressors: Boom, they run scattered about the base. Team, you follow each one after another (gg EZ). Should keep a very good position in the fight to be able to support teammates with Terrorize, the fear effect (fear) of this skill can destroy channeling, if necessary, just use it.

Late game

Now as a support, the coordination of your skills is as follows: Bramble Maze will be used for chaotic combat: put these bondage strings in the middle of the combat, free to root without fear of missing (if anyone has to I don’t mean that).

The Curse Crown has a fairly short cast range so the main goal is still self-defense, let’s use this in the face of those who fall into the cast, not to go deeper into the backline of the team. When an enemy approaches, immediately turn on Bedlam and Shadow Realm, both avoiding attention, and dealing damage to aggressive targets.

Terrorize will be used depending on the current situation: if your team is passive, the enemy team actively rushes to open the combat, quickly rush to break out the teamfight, creating conditions for your team to flip. And if in the situation where your team took the initiative to fight first, don’t be foolish to launch this skill, so piss the team.

Keep your vision (it’s your fucking duty) free, avoid going odd when not needed, and always stand in the back of the line so you can back up in time.