July 28, 2021


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Dota 2: MinD ContRoL faces criticism for in game behavior

MinD ContRoL

In Dota 2, most pro players receive privileged treatment, and at least one of them is really benefiting from it. On social media, an unflattering video showing Team Nigma offlane Ivan Borislavov “MinD ContRoL” Ivanov emerged.

MinD ContRoL

A teammate clipped footage of MinD ContRoL seemingly grieving his team in a ranked match during a pub game.

Playing as a Life Stealer in the game. He buys five Fluffy Hats and he can be seen in the fountain buying wards, planting them on his own base. From there, along with his lane partner, Disruptor, he can be seen getting killed repeatedly in the lane. No player says anything, but you can hear teammates griping about it.

ScyDota, that produced the clip, states that this is not the only MinD_ContRoL incident that works like this.

“For absolutely no reason, this is the fourth game Mind_Control is ruining my games. I’m beginning to think that he is just getting drunk and ruining games for fun because he can never get low priority,” ScyDota stated.

In Dota 2 pub matches, MinD ContRoL has an unfortunate history of bad conduct. In 2018, the highest-profile instance came when he stirred up controversy by asking “why did Hitler not kill Russians?For the world, it would be so nice”.

He was forced to donate an undisclosed amount of money to an undisclosed charity by Team Liquid, who was sponsoring him at the time. In a post on Twitter, MinD_ContRoL apologised.

Can Dota 2 pro players get put in a low priority queue? – MinD ContRoL

While other games have different punishment mechanisms in games for toxic behavior, Dota 2 essentially gives the ability to act freely and without consequence to pro players. 

Valve instead chose to allow players with verified accounts to do whatever they would like, with very few exceptions, rather than refining the report system or taking a proactive approach to policing the behavior of those pros who represent the game to the masses. 

This has led Dota 2 pros to regular cases of toxic behavior ranging from throwing games to racist in game chat.