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Dota 2: Overwatch system has arrive, chat ban changes

Dota 2: Overwatch system

Player reports in game will now have a much larger impact with Valve‘s introduction of a new Dota 2 Overwatch system to its MOBA, according to a post on Dota 2 official website. 

Dota 2: Overwatch system

The update also announced adjustments to Dota 2 chat ban to bring them more in line with Counter Strike: Global Offensive’s system, which leaves it up to other players whether they want to unmute restricted communications players.

Valve post details the release of Overwatch, a player driven judgment system that was first introduced to CSGO in 2013. Overwatch assigns game clips to players, plays clips, and then asks players to determine whether or not the actions of the spectated player fall into a number of different categories. 

Each case of Overwatch is viewed by a number of jurors, with a 2018 Valve presentation stating that they will take action when close to 99 percent of players agree to a verdict.

Dota 2 Overwatch system goes live to limited accounts

Players can report other players through the scoreboard or by simply clicking on the flag near the player’s portrait. Once reported, the game marks the gameplay section for a review.

While total Overwatch reports are limited, players can continue to mark gameplay sections in the same way that reviewers have more clips to watch when reviewing. 

These additional reports against the same player do not count against the weekly report limit and players can choose from these alternatives when reporting the player according to the game files:

Scripting or Hacking / Feeding / Griefing / Suspicious Movement or Casts.

Players who have access to Dota 2 Overwatch system will be notified by a new tab under their profile picture on the Dota 2 main menu. From there, players will download a replay, observe the case, and choose “Guilty” or “Not Guilty.” 

Overwatch members will be given rewards if they correctly judge the Overwatch case. Game files suggest that players will have an extra chance to report a player when a previous case has been resolved.

As of now, Overwatch is distinct from the Communication Reports of Dota 2 and the Overwatch Report instead. For the time being, communication reports will be measured differently. These reports do not count against the standard weekly five-report limit. 

Valve also relocated the Dota 2 voice and chat bans to an opt in setting, permitting other players to unmute chat banned players instead of completely lock out banned players from those systems.

All these changes are now underway in Dota 2 as of January 27. Valve says that while only a chosen few accounts have access to the system at the moment, the organization will continue to increase its involvement in the system over the coming weeks and months.