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Dota 2 – Reviewing Power Named Chaos Knight: Random Knight

Chaos Knight

Chaos Knight

Rated as one of the most powerful carry in the world of Dota 2, but Chaos Knight does not have the merit of his title. Gradually falling out of the professional arena after the Alliance champion TI3, this knight lost his position and then gradually disappeared from the top matches.

Reappearing at Mars Dota 2 League 2017, with 12 appearances he made the impression of having a pretty good win rate of 66.67%, being a hero that doesn’t pick has to ban the fans. This chaotic knight is thrilled with his impressive performances.

Super strong starting index of Chaos Knight

Chaos Knight

Chaos Bolt: throws a dice at a selected enemy, dealing random damage and stuns based on skill level. The larger the Dmg, the smaller the stun and vice versa. At level4, if the youth of the red can stun the enemy for up to 4 seconds, and the cooldown is only 10 seconds, just do a comparison, the Beastmaster Ulti at level3 is 4 seconds, but the time is the cooldown of up to 70 seconds with this peanut is inadequate, but actually the minimum 2-second stun is already annoying.

Reality Rift: Chaos Knight approaches the selected enemy champion and will drag the target into a random segment based on the straight line distance between CK and the target after the skill ends, the target is armored, his clones will also be dragged if standing nearby. This skill in addition to helping CK kill the selected target, it also helps CK accumulate damage faster thanks to the armor reduction effect, and CK can completely adjust the suction distance by pressing the S key to see the round spot circle shows where the position appears to choose the best location

Chaos Strike: swinging the row of trees to slash the numbness, dealing damage and healing CK for a certain amount of health based on the damage dealt.

Because CK’s Ulti belongs to the pseudo random mechanism, you can find the effect here to learn how to hack crit effectively.

Phantasm: creates 1/2/3 clone, takes 100% of CK’s white damage and takes increased damage, long time CK can call up another disciple with a 50% chance

The fine talent of Chaos Knight

Chaos Knight

Why is it okay? Because do you see any carry with talent that increases gold every minute? This is the next strong point of CK, making it difficult for him to cut off if the game starts to drag on.

At level 10, Chaos Knight can take 8 Int to improve his mana or take 15 straight attack speed to make his head happier. Lv 15 gets a quick run speed + base movement speed easily kills a runaway or 10 Str for the strong and gives the clone a little damage.

At level 20, if you are taking the lead, you will get 12 stats, if you don’t get green, you will get 120 gold/minute. Finally, there is CK’s most powerful talent: the rift penetrates magic resistance, makes sure the bkb is useless, or if the following sup, take a 20% reduction of cooldown to give more stun (add Octarine Core every 5.5).

Hidden cards play style

Chaos Knight

When the value of power is properly recognized and exploited, those who seem oblivious return and shock the world, he is one of those picks. CK is a true heavy carry but unlike the Phantom Lancers, Medusa, or Anti Mage, CK is completely able to fight well from the very beginning of the game. His Reality Rift armor-subtraction ability and the Chaos Bolt ability allow him to hold enemies off with his teammates to offlane the enemy team or even take on the triplane. of the opponent.

With a steady amount of items and an almost perfect skill set, his power almost always overwhelms the opponent throughout the game. The ability to inflict a tremendous amount of physical damage in a short time makes CK not only a nightmare for supports but even a rare core hero that can survive an army that slams him so hard within 4s.

In mid-game onwards, the innate buffalo of a strength hero allows Chaos Knight to survive well through a series of destructive skills. Of course, this is the only relative, but still much better than Agi carry heroes.